Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It’s A Wonderful Life: Sydney Christmas

With everyone now pushing hard for Christmas ‘where to go’ and ‘what to do’ attractions, we all know that the usual suspect tree lighting, carol singing and eggnog gluttony will take place.

So as with the Wonderful Life theme, we’re going down memory lane and recapping the best of Sydney’s history at this wondrous time of the year. Maybe you’ll find some events bring up your own experience of times when you impacted someone else’s life, or you get a booster of reliving those amazing memories you’ve now buried. Let’s go back to the past and see what stirs your neurological holiday season feel-good triggers:

The movie Bush Christmas, starring Chips Rafferty came out in 1947. Since then it’s been a TV staple, including the remake Prince & The Great Race with Nicole Kidman. Then there’s Miracle Down Under, with John Waters (telecast Bushfire Moon), which has been playing since 1987.

You must remember all the children’s stories including ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, A Christmas Carol and Wombat Divine. Then there’s the recent addition Aussie Night Before Christmas. Resurging childhood memories? Yes, we thought so.

Since 1950, the Boxing Day Test on December 26th is a huge Aussie staple. Massively attended for over 65 years in the stadium and millions watching from their homes, it’s over half a century of tradition. Seeing and raising the Test match comes one of the planet’s most prestigious ocean races: Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, also on Boxing Day from Sydney Harbour.

If warbling makes you go all Christmassy weak at the knees, the tradition of Aussie Christmas Eve carols including candles galore, was spearheaded in 1937 by Norman Banks, a radio announcer. When’s the last time you carol sung under a Christmas tree or went door to door, freaking out the neighbours by just tipping up without an invitation? How retro!

For decades, Sydney locals and tourists have been flocking to Bondi Beach, spending the 25th bouncing in the ocean and sand castling themselves into oblivion. Did you know that around 40,000 people visit this beach on Crimbo day?

Now you’ve experienced the holiday season Part 1, next week we’ll include more historic and unique Aussie centric Christmas blasts from the past. And remember that Cremorne Point has one of the BEST NYE firework viewing spots so we highly suggest you book your end of 2016 accommodation as soon as possible at Cremorne Point Manor. It’s a future history in the making!

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