Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are you having a laugh? Sydney Is!

If you’re heading to Sydney or an Aussie local, then you’re in for a belly of laughs. The Sydney Comedy Festival has already started and is running to 17th May.  Since the humour has accelerated to over 111,000 attendees since launch in 2005, the Festival takes place all over the inner city at various theatres.

Bringing the wittiest from all over Australia, the Festival features a series of sub events throughout the duration including the Cracker Night, International Showcase, Gala and previous years included the Mother of All Galas.

At the close of the festival, the ‘Best Of’ Awards are given including Best Newcomer, Breakout Artist, Director’s Choice and Best of the Fest.

With a solid 10 years under its belt, Julia Morris will be the host(ess) and the Birthday Gala takes place on the 12th May.  From solid acts such as Lou Sanz and Rhys Nicholson, this year’s Fresh Acts will make you roar, from Alex Wasiel to Amos Gill, Justine Rogers and Mug & Kettle.

With rapid growth of places to be entertained, some of the venues include the Enmore Theatre, Factory Theatre and obviously, the Comedy Store.  You can check the website for locations and details of each theater including the famous Opera House, a short ferry ride from one of the most affordable hotels in Sydney. While you’re checking out the hotel, take a look at our new tour video on the home page!

The Showcase events are quite outstanding and if you’re at Cremorne Point Manor, and want to be amused locally on the 14th May, the Hayden Oprheum will be showcasing the funniest and brightest new acts. Just a 30 minute walk or 6 minute car drive from the Manor, you can trundle off to have a few laughs and then return to the hotel and watch the Sydney skyline as the sun takes the night off and the evening burst into full swing.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

British Royalty a Step Away from our Sister Hotel & New Video

As the whole planet is aware, Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince (baby) George have been on an official trip to Australia. Visiting Taronga Zoo and checking out the romance of Ayers Rock, they’ve been taking in all the beauty that our country has to offer.  

The part that’s got us all excited at Cremorne Point Manor is that the Royal family has been staying at the Admiralty Hotel in Sydney area which is two doors down from our sister hotel, Glenferrie Lodge. If Kirribilli area’s good enough for the Prime Minister’s residence on the same street as the Lodge, then it’s now elevated to a higher Royal ranking.

The best part? The Lodge is one of the most affordable hotels in the area, surrounded by a flurry of great restaurants and bars, a short walk to ‘North Sydney’ business offices and a stone’s throw away from the train station.

So if you’re in the mood for a really budget worthy hotel that’s just a few train stops to downtown Sydney, then check out the Lodge which is also family and pet friendly.

Have you been in Sydney during the Royal trip and been caught in the adrenaline cross fire in the Kirribilli region?  The Manor’s a perfect, more upgraded Plan B option for accommodation, as our Lodge has been booked for weeks. This way, you can ferry-ride between hotels and tour the same sights that the Royal family has ventured recently.

Need to know more about Cremorne Point Manor for your trip?  Then check out our new tour video! It’s only a few minutes of viewing and captures the incredible views of the Harbour from the hotel. You may not be Royalty but with our two hotels at such prime locations, you can certainly feel like you’re in the center of the buzz.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It’s A Different Type of Hoofing Around Carnival!

If you’re in the Sydney area between 22 – 26 April and are reeling from locals and tourists in a flurry of galloping excitement, you can gently relax. It’s not a parade per say but it’s absolutely confirmation that the BMW Sydney Carnival is in full swing.
Unlike the traditional carnivals that you’d presume would feature a long parade, multi coloured costumes and feather head-dresses, this carnival takes a right hand swing at the usual connotation and focuses on racing.
This is Sydney’s premier racing carnival and is held over six weeks, with the 22-26 April being the most flamboyantly busy days. Boasting the finest thoroughbreds in the country, racing for over $20million AUD in prize money, it’s impossible to miss at least one of the 49 Group Races.
Claiming territory for the city’s two premiere racecourses which includes three weeks at Rosehill Gardens and then an additional three weeks at Royal Randwick, the home of Australia’s racing truly comes back to roost on it’s true turf.
Gawp at stunning fashion (think of this as the Ascot of Australia), amazing entertainment and a really good day or series of days out for the whole family.
On the 22nd, all you lovely women can enjoy Ladies Day where true to glam power tradition, there’s a ‘Best Dressed Women’s Racewear,’ Instaglam competition, the Ladies Lounge and the chance to win $30,000.
The best part? Rosehill Gardens is just a 30 minute drive from a boutique Sydney hotel and a zappy 17 minute drive to the hotel from Royal Randwick. So if you’re looking for an affordable stay while you’re visiting Sydney or a local that wants to pamper themselves for a hotel staycations during the Carnival…well you know what to do.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Strictly….the Sydney Musical

Do you remember watching Moulin Rouge, Australia and The (2013) Great Gatsby movies? Then you’re in for a serious treat as Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom, the Musical is now playing in Sydney until early June.

Enjoy the tango, shashay and bogo pogo that brings to life the original 1992 classic film in only the colourful and absolutely insanely mesmerizing way that Baz is famous for as a movie and musical director.

For all you locals who always think ‘I’ll get around to it eventually,’ remember to cross this off your bucket wish list and go buy your tickets. For all you tourists heading into Sydney for a few days or week vacation, this is the time to truly see one of Australia’s most famous and talented directors in his best light.

Warble along to amazing songs that replicate from the original movie, including Love is in the Air and new compositions by the multi platinum music composer, David Foster.

Sequins galore, drama, humour and romance is the key to Baz’s new musical and it’s a show not to be missed.  The prices range for weekday and weekend in the $85 - $110 AUD brackets and remember to budget for the sneaky Ticketmaster ‘inconvenience’ fees of around $8 AUD.

Travelling by car to the theater from a truly affordable Sydney hotel, Cremorne Point Manor, you’re looking at around a 13 minute drive and around 45 minutes by bus. The bonus? On the way back to the hotel, you’ll pass the famous Taronga Zoo so remember to send a late evening roar to the lions.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Calling all Fashionistas

If you’re in the mood, the groove, the mod cons, the glam-it-up type of person, then from April 6-10th you need to be seen, heard and shout it out loud at Carriage Works, Sydney. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia annual show will rear its gorgeous head and if you’re looking for prime seats, you may just have to befriend a designer, stylist, friend of a personal assistant fashion guru or anyone else in the scene. This is not a free for all and buy ticket type of extravaganza.

From designers like Ash to Gold, Alice McCall, Doris Q and Pizzuto, the list is endless. We counted way over 170 designers who will be showing their draw, cut, sew and style talents who have worked so incredibly hard to make their mark in the fashion world. Kudos to them!

From pretty much 8am to 8pm, the show will take place including after parties, after after parties and post very late night (into the early morning) celebrations.

Seriously celebrating fashion and culture, the most innovative, daring and talented designers go head to head in this show, aiming for the main spotlight by red carpet celebrities and retailers, along with trying to catch the eye of every major fashion blog, magazine and TV show.

You’ll get to see the world’s top models, most influential photographers, art directors and stylists who have raked their way up the ladder to this incredible success level.

If your in town visiting, a local or have friends who would love to get a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes antics, you can email volunteers@mirodoor.com and see if you are selected to give a freebie hand at the events. This is an amazing way to get your foot in the fashion door if that’s your industry passion and you’ll also see how hard work it is to put on such an effortless event.

Only a 16 minute car drive or 40 minutes by ferry & train from an affordable Sydney hotel, it’s an ideal way to spend a few days as a unique tourist, keeping within a travel budget and living the life as a potential volunteer at Fashion Week.  Cross that one off your stylish bucket wish list!