Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Prepare To Get Your Freak On – Horror Film Festival

We’d personally prefer thriller or comedy type of entertainment on the big screen but if you think Halloween finishes 11.59pm on the 31st October…think again.

From the 24th November right through to 4th December, Deadhouse Film is presenting a Night of Horror International Film Festival. Not exactly a night…more like a week of bone chillers across the country that hits Sydney during these dates. This is the 10th annual event and logically coincides with the Sydney Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival and Fantastic Planet at Dendy Cinema, Newtown. The festival is running also in Canberra and Brisbane, with Dendy’s available also in these locations so if you want to follow the national tour, be our guest.

Showcasing the country’s leading independent genre cinema, there will be over 100 of the newest and spine curding cult, thriller, fantasy and horror movies. As most will be native or International premieres, expect the days to be Aussie dramatic by way of movie industry who’s who and hyped up media themes.

To further tap into your inner nightmares, expert the worst horror you can imagine combined with incredible special effects. So if you can calm your shaking hands once the credits roll up, you’re more than welcome to attend the Q&A sessions where the team behind the movies can fill in those pressing ‘how the heck did you do that?’ audience intrigue. You can also be involved in forums and the huge array of celebration parties.

Check the lineup of movies along with dates and times on Dendy’s website. But if you can’t wait until the third week of November, you can always turn up the blood pressure on Halloween night for ‘Rob Zombie’ movie. We’ve heard it’s hitting a new high on vein and artery splashing and for only $16.50 (rates vary for concessions), you can be there to check it out first hand. It’ll be starting at 9pm on the 31st and is a one night only event. With clowns currently being filmed all over the planet causing pranks, this film features kidnappers who have to survive 12 hours against a new wave of sadistic clowns. Not the type of cute ones we’ve seen socially active, but the ones with a sick grimace as they…. Oh, we’ll just leave it to you to finish that sentence, it’s already freaking us out.

Dendy’s is only 20 minutes by car (1.15 minutes by public transport) to Cremorne Point. The only shock you’ll experience to your system at Cremorne Point Manor is the sublime to the extreme: from experiencing throat slashing movies to now being in the tranquil, calm and serenity of our guest house overlooking the Harbour, with a glass of white (not red!) wine. 

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