Thursday, August 30, 2012

beds toilets or tv's

I heard recently that guests are more interested in the TV and how big it is, than the quality of the bed. now I find this hard to believe, but would be most open to feedback. I do plan to create in the next few weeks video's of every room category, including the toilets (tv's of course) and the wonderful beds we have (i've spent a lot on the quality beds). Do leave a comment if you wish.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nothing to do with hotels but it's SOO damn cute

This has absolutely nothing to do with Cremorne point manor. But I just had to post it. In the Barossa Valley in South Australia an abandoned black and white lamb has been adopted by a Dalmatian. The photo's tell the story. Source ABC


I find it strange, the more expensive the hotel, the more they gouge you for wireless internet. I was out of town recently and stayed in a nameless branded hotel. In addition to no free breakfast, they had the gaul to charge $29.95 for a day of wireless internet.

Also it was slow. This brings me to the Cremorne Manor (obviously) as I've just spent a large amount of money to ensure great FREE wireless coverage for the whole hotel. We did have free wireless but it wasn't quite fast enough or complete enough for my liking. In case you didn't guess I'm quite tech savvy hence I'm always pushing for new technology. i.e. like our fancy NFC doorlocks (for another post).

Anyway it's great, We have high speed wireless for all guests with a simple password and no limits. it's just part of the small things we want to do ensure our guests are happy. Also if you are in house and have comments about the wireless, or anything else for that matter please contact me and tell me. I'll do my best to ensure it's as good or better next time.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

North Sydney Mayoral Campaign

The Cremorne Point manor is obviously in Cremorne, However few people know that it's actually part of North Sydney Council LGA. I don't have a huge amount to do with the council and in the past have found them to be less than supportive of a local family run business, that's been around for 100 years (that story is for another day).

 However a friend is running for Mayor and I not only agree with her policies I think she would make a great Mayor. Her team is smart and has great ideas, So I'm giving her a plug on my blog and if you happen to live in North Sydney and will be voting in the upcoming election (yes it's mandatory) check out Suzanne Clark-Nash and her website. Her team would be a breath of fresh air for North Sydney.

There is also a great facebook page (I should be plugging my own facebook page, I suppose too.)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our Local wild Sulphur Crested Cockatoo's

Here's a little video post of the local Sulphur Crested Cockatoo's. 

They visit the manor daily (sometimes multiple times a day). Ellie, One of our managers hand feed's them but I'm nervous of the giant finger crushing beak. ( not that they have done this, it's just my concern).

 Anyway they are super friendly. wild birds and we feed them sunflower seeds which I've been told is ok as they have a similar diet in the wild. They do sometimes walk into the office to essentially demand food which has caused some concern for guests, but they are most happy when chomping on the seeds on the front porch

Friday, August 3, 2012

The hotel at night

I took this photo yesterday evening and I thought I'd share it. It shows the new sign on a lovely clear winters night.

Also I've got a little picture of a couple of Sulfur Crested Cockatoo's. they are regular guests. but they are sooo demanding they actually sometimes come into the office and skwark to be fed. they are wild but we do feed them sunflower seeds (which I'm told is ok). I'll add a video soon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The new Sign

A tongue in cheek quote for those sitting in the front garden
I admit I'm a little obsessive about the new sign. I think because I was never happy with the original one which I installed 7 years ago. (they had a spelling mistake and placed a plastic cover over it. - I always knew it was there). Anyway I Digress, it's in. It looks wonderful (yes I'm biased but I do think it does). It's also really well lit which makes it even better as people often can't find the place as the street numbers don't match and for some reason the sat nav's get it wrong. Anyway here is the new sign. The company that made it, is called Danthonia Designs. They are Brilliant and if you work with them, speak to Emmi. A pleasure to work with.
The New sign at Cremorne Point Manor