Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tourism Australia Wanting free Wifi. We've had it for 7 years

It amazes me how much hotels in Sydney can charge for Wireless. it's often approaching $30 a day in some of the high end hotels. This is utterly ridiculous and the article below from the sydney Morning herald, gives an idea of the absurdity. that hotels needs hundreds of routers etc etc. Last time I bought a router it cost $29, less than the cost of some hotels charge for a daily service. Anyway this is just a rant. We've never charged for Wifi. we provide high speed sercice to the hotel and also have a free guest computer. We've done this for over 7 years. When will the high end hotels learn they can't gouge their guests for what is seemingly a right. Next time they'll be charging for bottled water. Ohh thats right they already do that. (ps we also give a bottle for free for guests)

tourism Australia Encouraging hotels to give away free Wifi