Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The new Sign

A tongue in cheek quote for those sitting in the front garden
I admit I'm a little obsessive about the new sign. I think because I was never happy with the original one which I installed 7 years ago. (they had a spelling mistake and placed a plastic cover over it. - I always knew it was there). Anyway I Digress, it's in. It looks wonderful (yes I'm biased but I do think it does). It's also really well lit which makes it even better as people often can't find the place as the street numbers don't match and for some reason the sat nav's get it wrong. Anyway here is the new sign. The company that made it, is called Danthonia Designs. They are Brilliant and if you work with them, speak to Emmi. A pleasure to work with.
The New sign at Cremorne Point Manor

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