Thursday, April 27, 2017

Channeling Inner Chi with the Crystal Show

You’ve seen them in psychic store windows, displayed in circles at meditation classes and maybe just thought the array of crystals were solely for fun. Well think again because crystals of all shapes and sizes can channel your inner chi, reset your chakras and are known for healing physical ailments.

If this opener’s got you interested, then you need to reserve your free entry at the Sydney Crystal Show, 8-9th July. If you’re not in NSW during that time, then make a note that the show will return early December. As one of the country’s most prominent and popular mineral expos in Australia, you’ll be able to browse from thousands of gems including jewellery, fossils and wow at the extensive range. Having good energy around your home, in your handbag, work briefcase and pretty much every corner you’re near is important. The crystals have mysterious ways of zapping out bad energy, stopping extreme emotions from bubbling over and absorbing this into creating a positive aura around you. We all know positive energies spread like wildfire.

Each crystal has a meaning and a method behind its madness. From agate that brings strength and courage, to aquaramarine for clarity and purification, clear calcite to cleanse and citrine for revitalization. And we’re not even a quarter of the way through the alphabet. Check out Crystal Earth Spirit for an extensive list of who’s who in the mineral world, and what each can do for you. That’ll give you a decent head’s up on narrowing down the negative energies you need to get rid of in life, and bring in the good, ripe ones to take you through the next stage of your life journey.

Some of the crystals featured at the expo will run into a few thousands dollars where others, the rose stones or miniature sphere’s that fit into your palm, come cheap at around $10. Not only are these crystals stunning for display pieces but you’re investing in your well being.

So when you visit Sydney, spread the good energy around and treat yourself to a small stone that’ll fit into your pocket. The more you squeeze it to release negativity, the healthier you’ll feel and the more you’ll enjoy our fantastic city. Once you’d done with the expo, head back to Cremorne Point. Take a walk near our hotel and breathe in those inner white lights, while you experience the stunning Harbour views & skyline. If that doesn’t get your Anahata (heart chakra) pumping, not much else will!  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Remember to Walk for Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Australia is hosting their annual Memory Walk Sydney on the 7th May, starting at Leichardt Oval. You can sign up for the 2 km or 7.5 km walk (or even run) to raise funds and more awareness for the race against dementia. All the proceeds will be given to related education, professional training, critical support services and counseling for people (and families) affected by this illness.

If you register early, you may still have a chance of receiving a complimentary Memory Walk & Jog t-shirt. But with only 500 available, there’s a slim chance any are still up for grabs. It does cost you to be part of this event but kids (under 5 years old) can enter for free. Kids 6-17 years old and seniors cost $19, adults are $36 and families (two parental supervisors or two seniors with two rugrats) is $85.

If you’re ready for a morning start, the Memory Walk & Jog will beat you to the punch as registration opens 7.00 am, astonishingly early for a Sunday! This’ll give you around an hour to warm up those legs (and brain) for the 8.45 am runners start, followed five minutes later by the walkers for your marks, get set and go, go, go. With the prizes given out at 10.30 am and the race officially finishing thirty minutes later, it’ll be an incredibly productive Sunday morning for all involved.

Even though you’ve paid an entry fee, if you really want to take the illness bull-by-the-horns, you can set up a fundraiser. Make sure you sponsor yourself first, to entice others to follow and then its case of rallying for serious hard currency from friends & family. Fundraise the standard way through social media or step it up a notch with a friends & family afternoon or evening cash soiree. Possibly you could set up a theme activity such as ‘memory lane:’ each person is given a clue about a long-time-ago personal event that took place. If they remember the event from the clues, then they add $20 to the fundraising pot. Not only will the moolah flow in faster than you’d expect, but it’d remind everyone of how much we do take our brains for granted. Imagine having dementia and all those precious memories just fade away? Right – that hit the emotional core so sign up for the event and start fundraising pronto.

And maybe you’ll also remember to swing by our hotel in Cremorne Point to let us know how your walk or jog went. A double reminder: possibly treat yourself to a night’s stay (or weekend) at Cremorne Point Manor after the fundraiser. The views of the Harbour and downtown skyline are stunning…something you’ll remember for a long time to come.

Morale: Don’t take your brain in vain.