Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Meet Your Four Wheel Hero This December

One of the year’s coolest festivals is the MotorWorld Sydney event from the 1st to 4th December. An event for all the family, it brings together the best interactive car enthusiasts passion of motors with a huge ‘I must be involved’ magnetic pull: you can test drive one of your heroic cars on the track, road or off-road circuit! Compare brands, models, the feel of the car, how you + the machine bond and if the pedal to the metal gives you the rush you were always praying for. Alternatively, you can check out those wish list cars through a series of demonstrations during the event if a test run is maybe a bit too much for you. Thinking this was the highlight of the event, there’s more:

When you buy tickets on the website, you not only confirm to participate in this first ever mega test fest, giving you priority access to the cars (remember that spots are limited) but…this event is most likely the world’s biggest test fest, and the first to collaborate with both the public and media (journalist) reviews. There will be around 10,000 test drives from over 100 cars through the four days.

And there’s even more…Test drivers can also be part of the CarAdvice test team. The website explains more information about this but it includes the public test drivers determining best categories of the cars on show, including the best compact SUV, best performance car under $60k and reviewing 4WD cars in the Dirt Drive on gravel tracks. You may be checking out firsthand the newest Tesla Model S or end up with the glory of all glories: Jaguar F-Pace. Who know what car you’ll be test driving. And here's something to think about...

Entry prices are a reasonable $49 per day or $110 for a family pass. This includes access to all event activities, the Holy Grail test drives, live demos, competitions, entertainment for the family, live music and an outdoor cinema. Parking is free so that’s an extra bonus. And if you really want to end 2016 with a splash, for $290 per day, you can be a member of the VIP Grid Club, that features free food, drinks, priority access to the Sports Car Super Sessions and access to the Sun Deck.

There are many ladies day events including the Mamamia Women’s Choice Award, Ladies Day Exclusive Drive Experiences and Ladies Day Cocktail Party. We’re not sure why there are so many events for women aside the obvious: women always make the final decision on the next car purchase!

The event is located at Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek, NSW and it’ll only take you 50 minutes to drive there from Cremorne Point. Then return back to our stunning Cremorne Point Manor, switch the car for leg therapy and take a hike around our sensational walking trails. The cars, the speed and the motors at the festival will be phenomenal but the ride of your life will absolutely be from the adrenaline, as you view the most incredible Harbour skyline from our spot of the city.  

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