Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dodgeball Launch Party Comes to Sydney

You’ve seen the movie, now experience dodgeball first hand on the 4th April for their launch party! This free event is the country’s biggest ‘sports’ extravaganza of its type taking place at Fairfield Youth & Community Centre, 55 Vine St, Fairfield, Western Sydney.

Punch off is at 6.30pm and if you’re a master at slamming balls or have no clue how it works, this is the game to participate in. Wear comfy sports clothes, closed shoes and get those fists ready to whack a ball into the opposing team. What a way to finish an April Monday, right?

 In August 2010, this annual game kicked off by a young sports fanatic who wanted to up the ante in the sports’ish world. Joe is his name and within a short time, convinced his sister Holly, to help create the best team they could find. Since Sydney was more focused on other traditional sports activities, the market was ripe for the intrigue picking and shortly, a league of 12 teams formed. 

Today, the league is the biggest in NSW with actual rules, referees, training (who would believe it?) and a strong social following. Hosting Australia’s largest dodgeball community, if you’re a Vince Vaughn, you’re more than welcome to hone your amateur skills and become a potential Ben Stiller pro. It’s ridiculously easy to grasp but quite hard to become a master at. On the bonus side, dodgeball provides incredible cardio exercises alongside building your coordination skills and twinkle toe maneuvers. 

Each week the events are hosted, with teams slamming each other into oblivion…or on their knees, elbowing each other to hit the ball right back to where it came from, and falling flat on their faces in the process. Therefore, the launch party is bound to kick off with a blast of balls coming your way, thick, fast and from all corners of the opposing team. 

The dodgeball rules are clearly stated on the website so you can warm up your eyeballs with a good, yet concise and easy read. You need at least 3 players to make a team so you can either rally your own or be more sociable and request to join an existing group. Check the website for more details. 

As Cremorne Point is only an hour’s drive west from Fairfield, it’ll give our hotel guests time to get their brainpower and winning strategy into gear during the ride. Also work on your winning dance moves during the journey because you never know, your team could be returning by glory road victory to Cremorne Point Manor. If you’re staying with us and have the dodgeball bug, let us know so we can cheer you on your journey. And let the games begin…

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dog Lovers Canine Race

We initially read this as a ‘nude’ dog race which appeared oddly enough to blog about. With a second look, the Great Nundle Dog Race was still worthy of writing about. Taking place on Sunday, 1st May, this annual event takes place on the Nundle Recreation Ground and for more than 20 years, has expanded their entertainment programme, now attracting over 1000 visitors each year. 
Two decades ago, it comprised a race between working dogs owned by two local cockles attracting locals. Today, the extensive event now includes jumping castles and face painting…for adults, not four legged pals. Along with food stalls, local merchandise and bringing together the community of all ages, this is an event not to be missed. You can cheer (or bark) on canines in novelty races that include high jumps, best dressed best friend and the doggy derby. Designed for working dogs, we can only hope these four paw entrants will keep their pads firmly on the winning line, unlike some dogs we know that have the attention span of a goldfish.
As a great fundraiser event for the Nundle Public School Parents & Citizen Association (P&C), it attracts families and their BFF’s from as far as Sydney and North Coast. Primarily because it’s literally barking mad and tons of fun to watch. 

Originating in 1979, two farmers waged a bet about whose dog was fastest. From a few screams, rants and gallops, the foundation for the event was laid. The farmers took this pursuit further and as members of the P&C Association, 20 years later, it officially became an annual fixture attraction.

Even though the main races are for working dogs, if you have a well trained companion, you can enter them into the Stumpy’s Circular Dog Derby or bring them down to sniff other attending furry friends. Watching the main events are a hoot though. Some gallop off to chase friends, other spin in circles and the ones that actually keep focused and sprint in the right direction, have a chance of winning the main prize. Look out for the Steeplechase event, a large crowd pleaser where dogs bounce over bales of hay, focus on getting filthy and having a rare ole time without parental supervision.

Remember to book your accommodation at Cremorne Point and while you’re staying at Cremorne Point Manor, let us know if you’ll be spending the night (caravanning or camping) at Nundle. We’re a good near 5 hours away from the event location but the scenic drive will be so worth it. Also note that if you’re visiting NSW with your dog, our nearby sister hotel, Glenferrie Lodge is pet friendly. With a stunning, private garden, you can spend a few days after Nundle to train Fido with a few tricks you learned at the event, at our Lodge. Or maybe start with sit, stay and don’t chew slippers. Puppy steps…