Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Buckle Up for LGBT Bridge Climb

Mardi Gras Sydney returns from 25 February to 9 March and with all the shenanigans of too much hairspray, excessive glitter and the full rainbow attire, you can now take your glam to new heights. Literally, to the sky and back with Mardi Gras Bridge Climb. The Climb’s famous hiking meets walking meets crawling attraction brings millions of visitors to the city each year. For the more faint hearted, watching others climb the Harbour Bridge may be more your cup of tea but if heights are your adrenaline junkie rush, you need to break out those platform boots and join the up-there party.
The Mardi Gras team will have a retro track list on your headphones as you sashay behind your Climb leader during these dates. Sing like you’re Adele at the Grammys (with the sound working this time) and get ready for a karaoke machine of climbers. Starting at Bradfield Highway, your catwalk will take you right over the Harbour until you reach the Bridge’s base, at the Opera House side. It’s up, up and away as you start rising to the peak of the lower arch. Clicking those heels together, the next step is taking the staircase to the summit and after a few ‘heck yes’ hurrah’s of achievement, the Climb group will cross the ‘spine’ of the Bridge towards the Darling Harbour side as you start to descend. 

This is the same route as the regular Bridge Climb tour but with a more upbeat pace and fewer stops since you’ll all be glam strutting at the beat of the sounds. Taking around 3.5 hours and with a maximum of 14 people per group, you can either count each of the 1002 steps on the Climb or focus on your twinkle toes while you wow over the city skyline from above. There are four Climb schedules from mid morning, mid afternoon, twilight or an evening soiree.

Booking is a piece if cake on the website; just click the options and it’ll confirm your final cost. Rates change from day to night, weekends and weekdays, for adults and rugrats. But the averages are $228 AUD for a night/weekday for adults and $158 for kids at the same time. The highest price is $353 for dawn climbs. Then again, who wants to be up so early they can’t see for looking? Also note that kids must be minimum 8 years old and not freak out when they’re high above sea level. 

Once you’re wigged out from the Mardi Gras Climb, hop onto a nearby ferry to Cremorne Point and chillax with an oversized, glamorous pink cocktail at our Manor. You can see the Harbour Bridge from our guest patio and you can spend the evening reminiscing how brave you were, strutting your way across this incredible landmark. Kick off your heels, peel off the falsies (both fingernails and eyelashes) and give yourself a pat on the well-done-to-me back.

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