Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Creative Streaks from Pen to Paper

The Annual Sydney Writers Festival returns 16 – 22 May with a walloping 300+ events that attract over 100,000 locals and tourists. Merging writers from multiple, diverse backgrounds, if books are your vice, then you can mingle amongst novelists, musicians, screenwriters, journalists and major storytellers. Prior guests included Dermot Healy, Eleanor Catton, Alan Cumming and James Wood. 
As a nonprofit organisation, there will be many free events taking place but the full line up will be announced end March so keep checking their website or follow @SydWritersFest.

In the meantime, a flurry of confirmed activities are already posted on the website, primarily taking place at Carriageworks. These include bestselling author Simon Winchester, discussing his new biography of the Pacific Ocean on 3rd March and Andrew O’Hagan warbling on his new novel, The Illuminations on the same night. On the next evening, check out Alexander McCall Smith who will serenade you with his love stories & tales from the globe, followed by Elizabeth Gilbert, worldwide bestselling author. 

Whether you’re a NSW resident or visiting the city during May, you can support the Writers Festival in a multitude of ways. From being a Patron to a Corporate Partner, providing a general one time or ongoing donation or volunteering. With applications opening on the 8th February for a sole month, the volunteer inauguration day is held on the 8th May along with a rundown of your role and tasks at the festival. All bookworms who want to be in the thick of the event and are not from Sydney, this is the most incredible opportunity and experience you most likely will appreciate for a long time.

The Festival features regular podcasts with past and upcoming authors, some that may be presenting at the May event. From literature to fiction, nonfiction, leading public intellectuals, scientists and the media are featured in these interviews. It’s worth rummaging around and listening to the podcasts.

Only 20 minutes by car or an hour scenic walk & ferry ride to Cremorne Point from downtown Sydney, what better way to unwind after each daily festival activities than chilling at our Manor, overlooking the Harbour. It may inspire you to grab your iPad, string a few words together and see if your own writer’s magic comes to life. The scene is set, the sun is going down, you have a glass of wine at the ready and the opening chapter is ready to be written. The festival attracts many hotel guests to Cremorne Point Manor so remember to book your room sooner than later as we’re booking out fast.  

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