Monday, February 22, 2016

Two Wheels Turning for Variety Cycle Event

From the 2nd to 16th April, the Sydney Variety Cycle returns to NSW. Participants will be peddling for two, seven or all 15 days around the city & beyond so now is the time to start training and getting familiar with your gears. You’ll enjoy 14 entertainment stages, 15 sunsets, presumably the same amount of sunrises and be part of raising $1m AUD for kids. 
Starting on day one north of Toowoon Bay at Rockhampton, the ride will take you right down Shelly Beach and throughout the course, reach Matcham, by Gosford, Cogra Bay and Brooklyn. The latter isn’t designed to surprise non locals, there actually is more than one Brooklyn on the planet. Continuing on, you’ll experience stunning scenery as you venture down North Turramurra, Chatswood and finish in North Sydney, just a hop, skip and jump away from Taronga Zoo. The website includes a phenomenally specific map including where to turn left, right and how many km between each destination. 

If the 15 day ride is more of your expertise level, you’ll be travelling from Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef. Riding up the old Pacific Highway north of the city, you’ll cycle through coastal towns. Rolling hills, cows, sheep and sensational greenery is most likely on the cards. A coach will take riders through the Gold Coast towards Brisbane and then it’s smooth sailing towards the Tropic of Capricorn and the home of the world’s most beautiful fishes. In between, there will be pit stops at Noosa, Hervey Bay and then it’s all about snorkels.

The seven day ride map includes the old Pacific Highway north along Sydney and then through quiet back roads in NSW. Again, those rolling hills and farmland will be a sure bet as you venture to your final one week destination end point at Byron Bay.

If you’d prefer to ride the second scheduled seven day excursion, this will start at Brisbane and finish at the land of Nemo, again at the Great Barrier Reef. 

For all those cycling newcomers or only visiting Sydney for a few days, the two day excursions include a range of choices. From Sydney to Maitland, Brisbane to Noosa or Bundaberg to the Great Barrier Reef.
The Variety Cycle raises funds for Australian children who are disadvantaged, ill or have special needs. All funds raised by cyclists, donors and the charity help these munchkins overcome difficult life hurdles by providing programs, experiences and practical equipment. Heartfelt doesn’t even describe it!

With one of the end points being in North Sydney, you know that only the smartest will book their hotel accommodation at nearby Cremorne Point. You’ve cycled, met new forever Facebook friends, shared a few high fives with the scaly variety underwater so what better way to end on a high note than at Cremorne Point Manor. You can see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House from our hotel. Before you leave Sydney, maybe take a Bridge Climb and cross a well deserved, athletic trip off your bucket list.  

Remember to tag @cremornemanor & @thevarietycycle tweeting us with pics of your journey.  

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