Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Like to Ride my Bicycle

We’re all for an eco friendly lifestyle so obviously, greatly support Sydney Rides Business Challenge.  Starting 23 March and running to 19 April, NSW is striving for more local businesses and tourists to encourage their employees to cycle around the city. Not only is this healthy and fun, but it’s also faster than driving or taking a bus. This freebie near month event gets the whole city rallying together.

The Challenge competition pushes more workmates to ride bikes and win a prize. All you need to do is cycle 10 minutes a day (or more) and you may be the proud owner of a freebie offering, including a new set of two wheels, at a $2800 value.  Just register on the site and log your trip duration so you can start to climb the leaderboard.  Additional prizes aren’t shabby at all. They include a trip for two to Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, 360 Membership to the fitness facilities and prizes including this upcoming week’s range:  Flying Trapeze Workshop, Whale Watching/Jet Boat and a Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb - not ideal for anyone who’s so scared of heights, standing on tiptoes makes them queasy.

The more teams that get involved, the better the chance of grabbing group prizes. Fancy winning a Penny Farthing Bike Rack? Or a workplace massage for the whole team? How about an Electric Bike Tour for up to 8 people? Yep, these prizes are pushing you to get that bike out and start peddling - the rewards are more than enough to get you spinning around the city, while your adrenaline races ahead.

If you have a pet, take a photo of you and your furry friend on the bike to enter for a $75 gift voucher at Pets Palace.  Not ridden a bike in over 12 months? You could win one of 500 cinema tickets if you enter to win. We’re not sure how anyone can prove they’ve not ridden in a year but we presume the ‘wobbly photo meets petrified face’ entry image may be a giveaway clue.

Keep checking the Sydney Rides Business Challenge leaderboard which is currently showing Atlassian as the front runner. No bugs on their helmets, for sure! With over 270 organizations and nearly 4,000 people registering, NSW has collectively racked up over 142,000km with a walloping 8,646 trips.

For all visitors staying in our Sydney boutique hotel, you can rent bikes and join in the mayhem. Keeping with the eco theme, we’re a short ferry ride from the Harbour so store your bike on the ferry and once you reach our neck of the woods, you can ride around Cremorne Point.  The views of downtown, Harbour and Opera House are incredible so ask our staff for the best scenic points.

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