Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Vivid Technology Meets Entrepreneurs

If you’re heading to Sydney between 22 May and 8 June and you’re a budding entrepreneur, bursting with innovation, then you must check out Vivid Sydney 2015 Ideas. The REMIX event also takes place between 2-3 June, a global summer for creative industries exploring the glue that drives culture, technology and entrepreneurship.  Discussing big ideas, this event has been coined the ‘TED for the arts.’  Back and left brain thinking will be the attributes for the 2 day event so get your inner genius thinking-cap on. 
For Vivid Technology, the schedule on 24 May starts with the Story of the Light – The Astronomer’s Perspective.  Following this on the 25 May is ‘Creating and Innovating with Technology in the Classroom – with Gary Stager’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art. If your brain is now reaching 80% capacity, get ready for the 25 May’s ‘What is the Value of Visual Literacy in the Workplace.’

We’re a big fan of the 3 June event where Stefan Sagmeister, one of the world’s most iconic designers, will be discussing design futures with global creative industry leaders. Stefan’s worked with clients such as the Rolling Stones, HBO and also received two Grammy’s for packaging design work with Talking Heads, Brian Eno and David Byrne.

If storytelling is your vice, then it’s a must see to attend Matthew Weiner on 31 May for a Q&A. This multi Emmy winning writer created Mad Men and a former exec producer on the Sopranos. Great TV doesn’t just come from a fantastic storyline – it also forms iconic characters that mold our viewing into realisms of trend setting and a can-do attitude.

If you believe you’re the next Steve Jobs, then the ‘ThinkFeel Create’ seminar on 24 May is something to add to your calendar. This is a highly charged workshop (mini incubator style) where you expand your thinking and sketch business ideas. It’ll help you fine tune your vision and decipher if your solution addresses a customer problem. The workshop also includes hard core tips on how to establish your business so when you leave, you’re absolutely geared up for entrepreneurial greatness.

Have a rummage around the event website for all the other seminars taking place and while you’re online, make your reservation at a Sydney boutique hotel. Inspiration doesn’t come from just talking; it’s also from generating inspiration about your future business ideas. We guarantee that you’ll be reflecting on a new career while you look at the stunning Sydney skyline from Cremorne Point Manor. If that doesn’t whet your appetite for positive business domination, then the roaring lions at the nearby Taronga Zoo pretty much guarantees an extra supportive cheer.

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