Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fancy Heading to a Picnic Market?

Yes, you heard us right…NSW is taking markets and picnics to a dually combined new level.  Sydney’s Picnic Markets is simply an outdoor event so you can buy, sell, get fresh air and hob nob with locals. It’s pretty much a case of “if it’s on your blanket…it’s for sale!”
Maybe you’re a tourist, traveling through the city and looking to buy. Or heading to the area and possibly want to offload a bunch of items so you have more room in your luggage case for your next journey. How about the family spring cleaning soiree, where you can bundle up all those toys that are jammed in the cupboard under the stairs. Yes, this is the event for you if any or all the above brings an ‘aha’ to mind.

The concept behind the event is a logical solution to recycling and combat waste in the area. This is especially for the inner city folk who don’t have a garage to host a sale.  It’s also perfect for budding artists and entrepreneurs to showcase their creativity and innovation with a friendly community.

The event takes place every third Sunday so the next one’s set for 19th April from 11am to 4pm at Prince Alfred Park. Book your stall, for $25 AUD, at this link and you’re good to go. You can start setting up your picnic stall after 1030am which is great since you don’t need to be schlepping items to display hours beforehand, and can have a bit of a sleep in. You can rent a picnic blanket for just $5 but tables and chairs are discouraged as the height proportions lose the essence of being able to view all the stalls. Anyone attending: the event is free but account that there are no food stalls so buyers and sellers, bring your own snacks.

We love the idea of the Picnic Market as it’s such an innovative way to mingle with locals, and for tourists – you can see how the other world live. Maybe there are old world Aussie stories they’ll tell you about how the selling artifact has been passed through generations, or collector’s items that are native to the country.  The only items you won’t find are the commercially manufactured ones, adding to the Market’s unique approach for all things authentic. 

With the Park located just 22 minutes drive or 35 minutes by train/ferry to a Sydney boutique hotel, what better way to unwind after a sociable day than at Cremorne Point Manor.  As a visitor, not only will you have yapped with the locals, maybe learning new tips and cultures along the way, but you can also take in the stunning scenery. The Manor overlooks the incredible Harbour Bridge, downtown city skyline and Opera House.  Tripadvisor’s awarded the Manor a Certificate of Excellence, for the 4th consecutive year, which is no walk in the park…unless you’re heading to a picnic.

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