Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Family Affair in April

For all families visiting NSW in April, you’re arriving at the perfect time. From the 2nd - 12th of the month, the Dodo Sydney Family Show is the magical place where kids, and parental guidance, can meet the Lightening McQueen, all the friends from the Disney’s Cars and say hello to Dusty. Not only can they get up close, and personally drive Lightening McQueen scatty, but there’s also an incredible Live Looney Show. This is where your rugrats can check out the Looney Tunes gang at the Dodo Stage.

If you think it doesn’t get any happier…it does. A multitude of rides for kids to play on include Dodgem Cars, a classic carousel and jumping castles with unlimited rider wrist bands. This literally means they get to ride all the rides! If your kids are a bit anxious about the mayhem and want to pace it, they can enjoy each ride at only $5 a pop. 

For the less adventurous who are simply looking for childhood calm in their day, the Animal Nursery will be right up your alley. This is part feature show and part petting zoo. Enjoy a chat with piglets, ducks, fawn, puppies, goats, lambs and all their parents. Yep, say hello to a kid…and their father goat. Taking the Nursery a step further, you can watch the racing pigs and squeal at the winning piglet. Sponsor a race and name your pig, these trotters are up for a good time also. If the more furry type are to your liking, the rabbit competition returns on Good Friday so cheer them along to see who wins Best In Show. Obviously it’d not be a real nursery if you can’t pet them so encourage your kids to have a hug with a bunny.

The best things in life are free so you’d be pleased to know (especially parents on a budget), that this is Australia’s largest free entry family show. All you need to do is check out the Dodo Sydney Family Show ticket page. The unlimited rider bands are $35 for 4 hours and for $110, this is the price for a family ticket (4 people), alongside multi tier price packages.

As a great, personal touch, your kids can walk away with a show bag. The prices vary and the range is vast from the Milky Bar to Lotza Dolls, Nerds and Bertie Beetle. Kids can stock up on all their favourite kids show items and spend the next 24 hours wowing over their treasures or pulling them apart.

Just 15 minutes drive or 43 minutes by bus/ferry, you can be heading north to one of Sydney’s oldest hotels. When you reach Cremorne Point Manor, if the kids aren’t already snoring, you can check out MacCallum Seawater Pool. Once the rugrats are tucked up in bed, we highly recommend you relax with a cocktail and watch the sun set, overlooking the Sydney Opera House and Harbour skyline.  If you need a preview of magic, check out our home page video. Goofy has nothing on the Manor views!

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