Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Positive World Year in Review 2016

We researched extensively for positive Year in Review highlights and what came up: mostly negative, disasters, natural catastrophes and fake news. So we decided to give you a finale 2016 round up of the most incredible talk-worthy, notable events we could find. Ending December on a positive note is what our team at Cremorne Point Manor is all about. Enjoy what our planet discovered, created, invented and published during the past 365 days!

In January, water ice was confirmed on the surface of comet 67P while the Jason-3 Earth observation satellite is launched. On a separate, incredible note, researches demonstrate a new class of small, thin electronic sensors that monitor skull temperature and pressure, within the brain surgery realm. This melts away when no longer needed eliminating the need for additional surgery. Within this same topic, a successful head transplant on a monkey, by Chinese scientists, is reported.

The University of Southampton confirms a major step in creating 5D data storage that can survive (wait for it) billions of years.  Around the same time, paleontologists report the discovery of a pregnant Tyrannosaurus rex, giving more insight into the evolution of egg-laying and gender differences in this dinosaur.

Caffeine lovers: By Spring, the University of Southern California confirmed that drinking moderate coffee daily can reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer. While you’re sipping away, account that a quadriplegic man in Ohio performed complex functional movements in his fingertips after a chip was planted in his brain. And while you gulp that amazing fact, astronomers reported the discovery of Crater 2 - the fourth largest satellite galaxy of the Milky Way.

By midyear, Dutch scientists announce that crops of four vegetables and cereals grown in soil (similar to that on Mars) are safe to eat. Who knew? And while we’re on hot news, NASA reported July 2016 was the hottest single month in recorded history (dating back to 1880). Even hotter news: the world’s oldest known fossils are claimed to have been discovered in southwest Greenland, dating back potentially 3.7 billion years.

Unless you were hiding under a rock, on 14th November, the supermoon visited Planet Earth, the first full moon closest to us than any since 1948. It was huge! And keeping on the same universal realm, according to SpaceX program, human trips to Mars by 2022 are potentially possible.

We wish you a fantastic December full of celebrations and make that resolution to come visit Cremorne Point Manor in 2017 if you’re not already booked to stay with us this month. The views are also out of this world as you can see from our short video. Enjoy and pop that champagne cork – we have the best views of the New Years Eve Harbour fireworks!

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