Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Recap of 2016 With Cremorne Point Manor

This year has been quite the rollercoaster including our $1m refurbishment of Cremorne Point Manor! So now let us backtrack to great events we’ve blogged about in 2016 and see if you crossed these off your bucket wish list. If not, then you should consider planning travels to our NSW neck of the ‘southern hemisphere woods’ in 2017 and mark them in your calendar:

The Chinese New Year in January featured the Year of the Monkey. We’re now heading to the Year of the Rooster so beware of that (natural) early morning wake up call. Then there was the LGBT Bridge Climb event, with full rainbows adorning the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, followed by another topic completely unrelated: The Dog Lovers Canine Race. Did you bring your four legged pal with you to see if Fido wins the gold? If not, there’s time for training to gear up for 2017’s galloping festival. If you’re a Ben Stiller fan, you wouldn’t have missed our Dodgeball Launch party blog post in March – the rules are there to be broken and may the best wo/man slam the last ball.

If May was bringing you the pre summer blues, the Bondi Belly Laugh blog post was sure to warm your heart and if you were up for making your credit card cry with a thank you, the Kirribilli Market (thrifty spending) blog post ensured you’d not be melting your monthly statement when it was due for payment.

How about you fitness fanatics that love marathons? Team in Training will be back again mid next year for the Blackmores run. Six months is more than enough time to get those running shoes on and build up stamina. If the marathon is too much for you, we featured the Sprint & Splat Color Run festival where no one will judge you on whether you walked or galloped. They’d be more interested in exactly how many colours you were spray painted with, on the way to the finishing line.

By July, Cremorne Point Manor was featured in Expedia’s Australia blog and that made our team happy campers! On that note, did you read our September blog post about Paws & Pals Adventure Weekend? Grab that waggy tail and meet other locals & tourists while you spend time with nature in more of a clamping fashion. Yes, we actually encouraged you to turn off that smartphone button and hug a tree while your BFF watered it.

Then it came to the last trimester of the year with Campbeltown’s ghost stories (they’re true, we believe it) and the annual Horror Film Festival just before Halloween. With a swift topic switch, we moved right to the magical history of Australian Christmas traditions in a two part blog series. For locals, it’s worth the read to discover why and how certain traditions were created, and also accelerate you for a year end full of celebrations.

And now we’re about to embark on our last blog for the year so stay tuned…. 

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