Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You Ready for World Time Attack Challenge?

If you’re in the Sydney area on October 14th and 15th, and you’re a magnet for fast sports, the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) has your name written all over it. It started in 2008 when Ian Baker organized the first Superlap Australia event after visiting Japan and competing with the Hi Octane racing team. He loved the scene, the adrenaline and realised that Australia was now ready for this feat.
The objective was to create a huge international event where the best global time attack teams compete on the same track, at the same time. These cars are fast so get ready for the rest of the story…

Not only was the tuning shops to be at quick fire speed but the winners of this race would win the World Time Attack Championship title. The first Aussie WTAC was held two years later and generated huge success. Competing against the Japanese and Americans, PanSpeed and R-Magic took to the race and scored their best times. With hype underway, sponsors came on board fast and spectators gravitated from all around the world, setting records for each event. 

It’s not a cheap motorsport to maintain but since it’s less costly than running a race series in any other class, more international superstars came on board to compete. So in October, you’ll not only get to scream for your winning motorsport idol but this 500m race will see the highest top speed crowned a winner. Fast and furious doesn’t even describe it. Speed of light may be the most appropriate explanation. 

This lunchtime event also features Turbo Legends and after the race, you can check out the stunt driving exhibitions alongside drifting demos and iconic motors on show. Exhibitors will be there offering expert advice, flogging all relevant motor gear and providing knowledge on turbos, wheels, and anything that sounds like a testosterone infused vroom vroom vroom. But wait…there’s more! The largest outdoor car show in Australia will be featured including vintage to classics, modern performance cars and over the top custom builds that cost a small fortune, or 90210 hefty mortgage. Tickets are reasonably priced so it won’t damage your month end credit card bill.

Sydney Motorsport Park is a decent 45 minute drive from Cremorne Point but you’re going to drive safely and sensibly there and back to our Cremorne Point Manor, right? If you’re looking for a finale, end of day adrenaline boost, take a peek at the view of the Harbour from our guest patio. Life may be speeding by on wheels but as the sun goes down in Sydney, it’ll be the biggest rush you’ll experience all day. Remember to tweet WTAC and our Manor with pics.

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