Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas in September

The title of this well respected festival sounds ominous yet on the 3rd and 4th September, the Opera House will insight you with more details. For now, we’re giving you the dramatic overview of what to expect so brace yourselves!

The eighth consecutive Festival of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) is a boundary pusher weekend with the who’s who of speakers coming in droves around the planet. Knowledge is power and at FODI, you’ll be enlightened about low down dirty politics (is there any other type?), vanishing countries and disruptive behavior that affects landscape, the economy and wars. We’re not just talking about the mysterious Bilderberg Group but also about how Brexit’s knock on effect changes the world, border control damages hope and underlying strengths that are positively impacting a snowball of tumbleweeds.

Our planet is in turbulent times from terrorism, crime, corruption and an abundance of natural disasters. These events affect our culture, ethics, morals, way of thinking and our free will in rising above these… or being sucked into the cyclone. We find this event incredibly interesting because it covers all bases and isn’t designed to scare the living daylights out of you. Its focus is to provide the information and open food for thought so you are better informed. Topics are set into a very simple timetable per day, hour slot and subject matter by the expert alongside details about purchasing single or multi tickets.

From a panel about Breaking a Rule a Day, to America coming apart and Apple vs the FBI (that’ll be a good one!) to Water Wars. Henry Rollins will also present about Blood Sports while Jesse Bering taps into ‘Suicide is Social’ and the impact it makes to a three degrees of separation spin-off effect. How about Laura Secor’s Dissent in Iran? Or Lev Grossman’s There Are No Good Books?

We love that a true hard hitting event is returning to Sydney; a city renowned for free and liberal thinking, solid cultural diversity and intelligent beings who question everything in society. Sydney is ideal for this festival and it attracts thousands in droves to learn, challenge and spread the debate.
The festival will be a pure brain rush and the conversations will be going on long after the weekend is over. So if you want to get your back brain into gear and attend a truly insightful two day mind power, this is the place to be.

The festival will be taxing on the brain so we highly advise you to hop onto a 10 minute ferry ride back to Cremorne Point afterwards, settle back on our balcony and take in the Harbour sunset with a glass of vino in hand. The world will still be turning tomorrow but a crisp chardonnay may be the best informed decision you make when you relax at Cremorne Point Manor.  Trust us, we’re experts on topics such as Relax, Enjoy and Breathe…

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