Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Not All Heroes Wear Capes at Supanova

If you’re in NSW between the 17th and 19th June, the Sydney Showground at Olympic Park is the place to be. Supanova Pop Culture Expo is back so get ready to stare your Supa-Star celebrities right in the eye and see who doesn’t blink first. Be one with imaginary worlds, the land of sci-fi, pulp TV & movies, toys, gaming and so much more. From fan clubs to animation, comic books and technology, the geek cartoon inner you can come to life so here’s our reminder to dress for heroic success.
The Friday event is open from 1pm – 8pm while Saturday and Sunday is a full on 10am to 6pm extravaganza. A day pass is $28 but also consider a Supafan 3 day pass from $70 or the exclusive SUPA-Q pass at $250 that includes all the VIP passes you’d imagine. Kids under 12, accompanied by an adult, get in for free. If you’re attending the Friday mayhem, acoustic musician James Marsters will be in concert that night playing for around 75 minutes from 7.30pm. If you’ve already got your Supanova ticket, you’re good to go but if you’re only attending the Park to see Mr Marsters, tickets are $32 in advance and $40 at the door. 

Now onto the Supa-Star guests which include Shannen Doherty (Charmed & BH 90210) and Arthur Adams (Superman, Spider-Man & X-Men) to stunner Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman). But the list doesn’t stop there so check the other guests attending that cover all bases from Warcraft, Torchwood, Lord of the Rings, Deadpool, Mad Max: Fury Road and Wolverine. 

Then there’s Cosplay – the big competition presented by Madman. Running now for 10 years, the competition is fierce and features a multitude of categories including Best in Show, Best Cosplay, Best Craftsmanship, Best Performance, Best Group (double+ the trouble) and Judges Award. Winners will receive a share of $3,000 in Madman Entertainment vouchers. You can register to enter on the site or take your chances on the day, providing you arrive before noon. And if your mask, power gloves or fire starting boots malfunction with a rip or tear at the event, Supanova’s Cosplay Repair Station comes to the rescue. With a stitch and a dab of duct tape, you’ll be back into world saving action in no time.

Remember to tweet SupanovaExpo while you’re sprucing up at our Manor or when you get to the event so you can share the social power. Only 30 minutes drive from the Park and you can whip off that mask, strip off the laser belt and chill with a glass of vino on our patio. Cremorne Point has the best Harbour views so settle back and enjoy the scenery. Every hero needs a night off once in a while!

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