Monday, June 20, 2016

Australian International Music Festival Hits Sydney in July

With its upcoming 27th year, the Australian International Music Festival is one of the country’s most popular events. Each year, it attracts up to 1300 participants from New Zealand, Australia, China, Singapore, the US and Japan. Focusing on Orchestra, Choir, Jazz and Wind bands, with performances at the Opera House, City Recital Hall and Darling Harbour, it’ll be music to pretty much everyone’s ears.
Not only are you going to be entertained but there are workshops from globally renowned experts so you can talk toons with them and discuss chromatics galore.

Taking place from the 3rd to 10th July, you can buy package deals or individual festival tickets. The package includes the opening and closing parties, access to all events, merchandise and every add on you’d expect.
Then there’s the festival trophy extravaganza where an expert panel of judges award each ensemble with Gold, Silver or Bronze plaques, all performance recognition based. Alongside this is a Showcase Award category to groups that don’t compete. 

Sydney is renowned as a global magnet for musicians, with a decent, all year warm climate so expect quite a few buskers to be out and about in the city testing their musical attractions to passers. Support them by dropping a few dollars in their direction. Some of the most famous musicians started by busking…in NSW.
World Projects organise an impressive list of events around the planet including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC so music lovers, check the schedule and maybe you can follow a few festivals around Earth. It’s all about that bucket wish list, right?

Since Cremorne Point is so close to downtown Sydney and where all the rhythm action is, all you need to do is hop on a scenic ferry ride and you’ll be at our hotel in a few minutes. We’re near Taronga Zoo so you’ll hear the lions roar. We’re nestled in scenery and walking tours so you’ll also hear the birds sing. What a way to spend a week – surrounded by tunes of all pitches. So put your feet up on our balcony and get humming, tapping the toes and see if you can’t rustle up a potential concerto. It may turn into a classic.

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