Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bondi Belly Laugh on 1st May

If you’re heading to Sydney around the early part of next month, you must check out World Laughter Day at Bondi Beach on the 1st May. Not only is laughing holistic, infectious and lowers blood pressure but it uses so fewer facial muscles than frowning…and it’ll start tightening up a potential six pack. If you have the latter, by the 2nd May you may be leaning towards a 12 pack.
On this hysterical day, you can learn about the benefits of happiness, health and good ole tear jerker laugh…all through the power of yoga.

This free event is hosted by the Bondi Beach Laughter Club and at 11.30am, be ready on the beach for registration. Thirty minutes later the introductions, announcements and kudos speeches will take place.
From that time on until mid afternoon, you can take yoga sessions, laughter meditation (it’s hysterical – we’ve tried it), relaxation techniques, confirm positive affirmations and then bond over Bondi team games. There’s also an introduction about Laughter Yoga and the incredible benefits it gives to mind, body and soul. It’ll make your hair grow healthier, your nails stronger, reboot your major organs and ensure that chi is flowing like a river.

The yoga session is followed by drinks, meeting new people, reacquainting with long lost friends and an increased volume of high energy levels. You can book free event tickets through Eventbrite, listed on their website. All you need to do is bring a yoga mat or beach towel but if you don’t have that, then simply lay in the sand and let it absorb all the negativity & stress you’ve built up recently.

If you want to know more about how the Yoga Workshop will play out, here’s the scoop: The trainers will educate you on deep breathing exercises and the great multitude of benefits that laughter brings to your life. They include rhythmic clapping, grounding exercises and strategies on incorporating these in your everyday life.

Only a 30 minute drive or 2 hours walk with a short ferry ride, you can be back at Cremorne Point. Tripadvisor’s awarded us our fifth consecutive Certificate of Excellence. When you stay at Cremorne Point Manor, you’ll be laughing at our affordable rates compared to downtown hotel prices & revert into hysterics over our stunning view of the Harbour skyline…because it’s free to watch and you scooped one of the best visual spots. Now that’s worth a smile at least, which you can tweet to @cremornemanor and @laughnlivewell

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