Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ANZAC Remembrance Day

If you’re in Sydney on 25th April, what better way to feel patriotic towards veterans than the ANZAC Day March. Honoring those who have served to defend Australia or related interests, this is a special day to pay respects for those who have suffered as a result of their service.
As a solemn event, the March starts at the corner of Martin Place and Elizabeth Street at 9.00am. The order of the March is confirmed as: WWII Navy, WWII Army, WWII Air Force-Navy, Army, Air Force Civilians supporting Australian Troops-Descendants of Australian Veterans – Commonwealth Troops – Allies. With specific rules in place, the March order is most likely to remain unchanged.

Travelling south on Elizabeth Street to Liverpool Street, the website map shows the exact route so you can visually see which points you’ll be viewing, the times and navigation criteria.

Marshalls will be positioned in specific areas to assist unit leaders, giving the eyes left command during the Act of Remembrance, observed as units pass the Anzac Memorial. During the command, hats must be removed and the right hand held over the left breast, remaining so until the unit is clear of the Memorial. Additionally, heads are to be turned towards the Memorial when passing. Banners and flags are to be dipped while Delta Force formations salute the Memorial as they pass by.

The website rules are specific so keep reading – we’re writing this verbatim to ensure respect for the ANZAC strict guidelines. Wreaths can be laid by Units but must be all completely laid down before 8.15am or after the March. Following the March, at 12.30pm the Commemoration Service takes place at the ANZAC Memorial at Hyde Park. National leaders will be attending this including the Premier of New South Wales and this year, cadets from The Scots College.

With a full day of remembrance, a sunset service will take place at 5.00pm at Cenotaph, Martin Place. It’s short yet brings a solemn and dignified conclusion to the ANZAC Day Commemorations.

If you were in the service and would like to March, you can contact the organisers to discuss additional details. Eligibility to March includes Services Members of the Returned & Service League of Australia. Descendants of veterans are also invited to March. 

2016 commemorates 100 years of ANZAC in Sydney so this March will have additional, milestone significance.  

As Cremorne Point is a short ferry ride from the Memorial, having a glass of wine overlooking the Harbour from Cremorne Point Manor would be an apt way to reflect on the fallen heroes. Raise a glass in their honour and a moment’s silence, thanking them for their sacrifice, in return for your freedom.

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