Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Start Planning For Sydney New Year’s Eve

With less than 50 days to go before the big bang and blast off to 2016, if you’re thinking of heading to Sydney to celebrate the end of 2015, then we have the rundown for you. Sydney New Year’s Eve 2015 is always a guaranteed sure bet of a city for entertainment. We blogged about this recently but it requires a second harping. As one of the first countries to close the past 12months, the world will be watching on TV, live streaming from their smartphones and Instagramming themselves right into next year. 
The fireworks are the main attraction and the best place to perch your rear for prime viewing is at Cremorne Point. Famed for its stunning views of the Harbour skyline, the oohs and ahhs of the night sky displays never fail to cause a stir. You can rent a boat on the water, grab a few pals and join in a cruise or stay on dry land at the Point. The weather is always decent come end of December and with the crowds in abundance, body heat will ensure a good five degrees Fahrenheit increase. But still bring a sweater and jacket along, just in case the thrills give you the chills.

Pre show entertainment starts at 6.00pm on the 31st with aerial displays. As the hour reaches the top, a tug boat will be displayed in the heart of the Harbour, presenting water displays. By 8.30pm, the Bridge converts into a huge canvas with video effects and full size images, showing a countdown clock to the main firework attraction. Within 10 minutes, a beautiful ceremony takes place to respect the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders, with the city releasing eucalyptus smoke over the water, to cleanse and purify the Harbour of bad spirits. As a huge lover of eucalyptus, this feature attraction is right up our alley.

At 9.00pm, the family fireworks will kick off, so the little ones may gape in awe and then nod off to sleep, knowing they lasted until their eyes just couldn’t take it anymore. At this point, there will be a dual tribute to the 200th year of the Royal Botanic Gardens and 100 years of Taronga Zoo. Time flies!

Fifteen minutes later, the Harbour will be illuminated with 60 ships, slowly gliding over the water with the Light Parade. All the lights will be white, adding to the purity of starting a new year.

At the stroke of midnight, a 12 minute firework display is achieved through seven barges, four sails at the Opera House and additionally, from the Harbour Bridge. 

Accommodation at Cremorne Point Manor is now hitting the high notes and we’re getting full up, mainly because of our prime viewing over the Harbour. So if you’re still contemplating where to spend New Year’s Eve, you know it’s got to be in Sydney, celebrating with us at the Point. If you’re in a mild financial pickle we suggest you check our sister site, Glenferrie Lodge. It’s nearby, again has incredible views of the Harbour and is more affordable. We see your fireworks and raise it with a sparkler. Get booking and we look forward to seeing you next month!

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