Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Man of Steel – IRONMAN Returns To Sydney

If you’re in NSW end of November, make sure you keep the 29th free for the IRONMAN Sydney competition. Situated at the base of the Blue Mountains and taking advantage of the stunning Penrith Lakes, the course will also venture towards the International Regatta Center for the swim. If this sounds exhausting from the get go, remember there’s also the bike course by mountain views and the final leg run, around the venue. This will ensure spectators have the best seats in the house, from all angles.
Registration has now closed but you can always plan for next year, and start gaining sponsorship to raise funds for the charity of your choice, if you wish. Then again, if you have or know of an IRONKID aged between 7-13 years old, they can enter right up to 26th November. Entry for individuals is $35 or if panic is setting in and if they’re more likely to be on their best form at the last minute, for an extra $10, they can register on the day.

The IRONKID’s course includes varied feats depending on whether kids are 7-10 years old or 11-13 years old. 

Back to IRONMAN and the activities. With 50 qualifying slots in the stunning Western Australia competition, this is one of the most diverse and hyped up events. Starting with a 1.9km swim lap at Penrith Lake, the bike course covers 90km commencing at the McCarthy’s Lane check point. This is followed by the run course of 21.1km around Penrith Lake, offering a stadium like atmosphere. 

The event starts on the 27th November at 2.30pm where you can grab some IRONMAN merchandise and watch the competitors register. 

The next day, the event opens at 8.00am and you can cheer on the IRONKIDs clocking in for their day of racing while scrutinizing the IRONMEN as they set up practice training. Sunday, 29th is show time, starting at an insane 4.45am booth open check in. The race starts 6.00am and the first male finisher is expected to complete by 10.00am with the first female coming in 30 minutes later. By 3.00pm, when the races are over, the presentation and award ceremony takes place. 

Take into account that you may not be as fit as these individual racers, but the fresh air, adrenaline of watching them and walking around the sensational course should be decent enough exercise. Remember to book your accommodation at Cremorne Point. When you arrive at our Manor, grab a glass of wine in the evening, sit on our patio and watch the sunset over the Harbour while you discuss possibly entering this huge competition next year. You never know…

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