Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sydney Obstacle Challenge in November

The Raw Challenge at St Ives Showground, Sydney is back again on the 21st November. We’re giving you this ‘way ahead of the game’ notification so you have zero excuse to not get your trainers (sneakers) on and start jogging. It’s a 5km course with impressive 18+ obstacles which we know you’ll thrive off: they include trudging through mud, climbing hurdles and military style crawls under cargo nets. Oh my!
This is the second annual Park Circuit event in the Sydney area that will absolutely test your endurance levels. This year also includes a new 20m slip and slide with huge foam cannons. Not only can you participate and get your team in training, but if you’re cheering on friends, then there are a multitude of pit stops you can holler encouragement to them, along the way. 

The prices to participate are varying from the (now expired) early bird to the new $59/20 (adults/youth) tickets available. But if you’re a tad nervous about whether you’re fit enough for the race, just keep training and see how you feel a few days before the event. You can always buy on the day at $100/$50 (adults/youth).

The Showground is an amazing retreat of nature in abundance. Being one of the city’s largest sports & recreation sites, there are dog training rings, BMX riding facilities and naturally, BBQ and picnic tables. The route you’ll be running is primarily flat, through the open park but account for the ups & downs you’ll encounter with the obstacles in your way.

We know 2016 is a long way off but if you really want to cross off ‘extreme sport’ from your 2015 bucket wish list, then you have around 192 days to get your brain and athletic stance into gear.

Only 29 minutes north of our Sydney boutique hotel, by car, you can enjoy a full day of sports, entertainment and pushing your fitness boundaries. Then head back down to Cremorne Point Manor, kick off those muddy running shoes and give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back. Rub in the Arnica to reduce inflammation, bring out the Epsom Salts and put your feet up. The view of the Sydney skyline from our hotel is sensational and is our congratulations gift to you. Now get training and we’ll look forward to having you stay with us in November.

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