Monday, May 25, 2015

Spark of Light Genius Hits Sydney This Week

If you’re looking for a bright light to guide you towards innovation, then this week (27 – 29 May) is the country’s premier event for the international lighting industry. SPARC is taking place at Sydney Exhibition Center in Glebe island and if you’re not sure how to get there…then just follow the light.
The event features mind blowing seminar programs and incredible installations, including the latest lighting technology displays and an illuminating gala dinner.

As the SPARC event shares the same dates as Vivid Sydney (the Festival of Lights, Music & Ideas), this is a perfect time to plan a last minute trip to check out the event. Downtown Sydney will be glowing with these truly inspirational creative fixtures and displays. 

With only a short time before the event starts, we’ve provided the rundown of the main events so you can plan quickly (PS: You’re welcome):

3.15pm: The Art Gallery of NSW will present the Transitions in Museum Lighting Design
4.00pm: Speaker Onne Willemse from Philips Lighting will be explaining the latest developments in connected lighting and utilizing new technology to pave the next 12+ months
5.45pm: There is a 15 minute Question Time with the audience. Since the event attracts thousands, if you have a powerful question, then be prepared to nudge your way towards that mic fast.

3.15pm: Speaker Anthon Di Mase, principal architect of Di Mase Architects will present ‘Daylight in the Built Environment’ which taps into the (now) mainstream eco topic.
4:45pm: Speaker Dr. Christophe Martinsons, head of the lighting and electromagnetism division at the Center for Building Science and Technology in France. He will discuss the interesting topic of potential health issues of solid state lighting.

Gala Dinner starts at 7.00pm in Sydney Townhall. There are also evening events taking place on Wednesday and Thursday night so check out the Sydney SPARC schedule for the full listing and this link for daily or total rate pricings.

With three full days of eye glazing attention, what better way to unwind nightly than at Cremorne Point Manor. Our boutique Sydney hotel is a short ferry ride from the Expo Center so within no time, you can be enjoying a whole different set of lights…overlooking the Harbour Bridge and downtown skyline. No wonder Tripadvisor has just awarded us our Certificate of Excellence, 5 years in a row!

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