Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Women Jazz up Sydney

To celebrate female musicians that exude sheer brass, the Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival is worth checking out between November 5 – 12. For the third consecutive year, the festival showcases some of the greatest composers, players and band leaders from around the globe.

The lineup includes Dee Alexander, who will host her exclusive Australian debut. As the website validates, Dee’s received hefty kudos State side for her last two albums which gained five star reviews. As a pioneer in versatile vocals, this is a time to cross ‘seeing one of the world’s greatest jazz musicians’ off your bucket wish list.
Alongside Dee, you can also jive-talk your way through Sarah McKenzie and Lisa Parrot’s musical talents. Additionally, Andrea Keller will be performing, and the Fat Yahoozah band (Ellen Kirkwood’s new group) will be a sure fire diversity of hip hop jazz. Something not to be missed!

Established in 2012, the Women’s Jazz Fest’s main objective is to magnify this world class international genre with a focus on gender. There are various locations you can hop over to that are hosting the festival including the Foundry 616, The Basement, Australian Institute of Music, The Sound Lounge and VJ’s. The ticket prices do vary from $25 to $45 AUD yet also consider their packaged rates that include dinner with your tickets for an additional $25 - $100, depending on venue.
With a flurry of restaurants and bars in the area by the festival, make sure you plan your schedule to eat, drink, dance and listen the best jazz in Sydney during these dates. Accounting that the festival is now underway, the performances start nightly at either 730pm or 830pm primarily. On Saturday, you may as well just wipe everything off your calendar or diary as the Fat Yahoozah’s kick off around 2pm at the Seymour Center Courtyard and as a double bonus, this is a freebie. Also we advise you to check out page 16 for the itinerary as it’s pretty condensed and will help you plan your festival viewing, a whole lot easier.
If you’re in town visiting or maybe a local looking for a staycation (added treat), then just 19 minutes drive away or a short bus & ferry ride from the Harbour, you can check out Sydney’s most affordable boutique hotel. If you were moved by the music at the Festival, then expect to be swayed by the outstanding views of the Sydney skyline from Cremorne Point Manor. It’ll be sheer music to your eyes and ears!


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