Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Budget Business Travellers - Free Dance Concert at the Opera House

The infamous and indigenous Aussie contemporary dance company, Bangarra, will be hosting a freebie 25th Anniversary celebration performance at the Opera House’s Forecourt on Sunday 30 November.

From 630pm, this celebration gift to the people of the Eora nation, the performance will be part of Corroboree Sydney 2014. For anyone who’s not familiar with Bangorra’s Dance Theatre history, here’s the Cliff Notes: Founded in 1989 by Carole Johnson, an African American, the word means ‘to make fire.’ They’ve featured 11 productions since the early 90’s including global tours and also significant contributions to the 2000 Summer Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.
Now you’re up to speed, make a note to hop over to the Forecourt on Sunday! You can enjoy the Yolngu performance that originates from the North East Amhem Land with MC by actress Deborah Mailman. There will also be a brief performance by the NSW Public School Aboriginal Dance Company and song stories by Christine Anu (from her Stylin Up album).

This event is a fantastic way to learn more about the history of Australia’s ancestors through music, storytelling and culture at one of the most famous landmarks in the globe.  This is the first time Bangarra has offered a free event so it’s a rare one, not to be missed, so bring your picnic and be ready for the 630pm celebration.
We also advise you to take a quick look through Bangarra’s website for additional information about their venue in Walsh Bay, alongside future performances and history behind each style of dance.  As a leading performing arts company, this is an ideal event for business travellers who want to learn more about local arts and culture.  Obviously, it’s an extra perk for budget corporate visitors who can invite clients to the celebration and keep entertaining budget costs down.
Once the final ‘curtain’ draws, you can dance your way onto a nearby ferry and a few minutes later you’ll be at Cremorne Point.  Still keeping checks and balances in tow for hotel accommodation, Cremorne Point Manor is one of Sydney’s most affordable boutique hotels, overlooking the Harbour Bridge. With incredible views and stunning hotel decor, it’s pretty clear to see why TripAdvisor’s awarded the Manor a “Certificate of Excellence,” for a fourth consecutive year.  Now you can cross ‘stayed at a heritage building hotel & saw a concert for free’ from your Sydney bucket wish list!



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