Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wheat All About It!

On the 29th and 30th August, Sydney Olympic Park (Exhibition Hall 4) will be hosting the Gluten Free Expo. For everyone who can’t even look at wheat, rye and barley without symptoms kicking into high speed gear; this is the event for you!

Now in its 10th successful year, from 9am to 4pm both days, you can snack through the booth display food samples galore. There will also be some stage presenters showcasing tips, cooking ideas and facts about foods to avoid and new foods on the market to indulge in.
This is also the time to grab a copy of Australian Gluten Free Life at the expo, the country’s first fully dedicated gluten free magazine that launched on newsstands early June.
Since around 330,000 Aussies have no idea they need a gluten free diet, this is the expo that will answer questions and give you a day of sampling delicious bites by exhibitors. The booths include chocolate croissants as a showcase piece by Simply Wize and don’t forget to ‘test’ their Potato Pastries.  The latter is not only gluten free but has zero trace of fructose or dairy, which is a mild miracle in itself. This is the same culinary team behind the national treasure ‘Crusty Bread Mix,’ the first national mix that takes bread to new heights and maybe the best invention since…sliced bread.
If you’re a no meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs or peanut type of person, a must visit is to Amy’s Kitchen booth. Here you will find (amongst a flurry of items) gluten free cheddar and gluten free rice mac & cheese. Yep, gluten’less cheese.
Needing kosher, vegan, organic and GMO free foods? Nature’s Path Organic will be a really popular booth for anyone that has a wide range of dietary requirements.  With your taste buds running at a rate of knots, don’t forget to sample from Genius Gluten Free, the UK’s leading bakery who will be wowing you with double chocolate muffins, fruit loaf and in true British style…crumpets.
Think it can’t get any better? It just did. The Expo is FREE so just swing on by and consider purchasing some items for yourself, friends and family as healthy gifts. Or maybe for business clients who will appreciate foods they can actually eat without side effects.
After a long day (or two days) of snacking your way through this event, you can prop your feet at a boutique Sydney hotel, no more than 30 minutes away from the Park. Take a look at Cremorne Point Manor’s aerial video on the home page and see why TripAdvisor gave it a 4th consecutive Certificate of Excellence Award. Sometimes the best things in life come (gluten) free with a bonus freebie view of the famous Harbour and downtown skyline.

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