Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Spice It Up - Korean Film Time in Sydney!

Looking for something hot and spicy to do between 13 -21 August in Sydney? Then your timing is perfect as the 5th Annual Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA) hits the city, taking place at Event Cinemas, George Street.

Showcasing the elite of the elite in Hallyuwood (emerging South Korean cinema), the Film Festival will educate, inspire and show you a thing or two in bringing cultural magic to the big screen.
Since inception, the Festival now attracts nearly 10,000 attendees and is rising rapidly per year.  This is particularly due to the multitude of industry forums, gala receptions and cultural activities…so not only are you enjoying the movies, but you’re getting a real taste of Korea.
The ticket prices are reasonable at around $15 AUD per movie and the schedule is seriously packed with back-to-back movies, 20 in total, all playing in the evenings.  
The range of movies is truly impressive, from rom-coms to fast action thrillers and this year’s theme, offers a more in-depth insight into the history of Korean movies.  Also account that this Festival is pretty much an Australian road show, featuring over 80 screenings total between Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide between 13th August and 26th September. So if you’re a diehard fan, you can then hop around the country, and enjoy around 6 weeks of cultural cinematography.

Ever heard of Park Joon-hoon? He’s worked with many directors including Academy Award winner, Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia and The Manchurian Candidate) and will be the starring guest for the Q&A on 15th August at 6.15pm so keep that in mind. It’ll be good!
The quirky part about this festival is their Facebook page. Usually movie Festivals tend to have static, corporate posts and updates, all very yawn worthy. But the KOFFIA’s page is amusing and showing sheer personality in their status photos. It’s also worth liking the page for the previews of featured movies.
Only 15 minutes drive from one of the most affordable boutique hotels in Sydney, and a 30 minute trip using public transportation, get your popcorn at the ready because after the Festival, you’re going to view a spectacular, never ending, free movie. Yes, from this hotel, you’ll have the best seat in the house to watch the stunning Sydney skyline and Harbour Bridge. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at the video on Cremorne Point Manor’s home web page and see for yourself.  Lights, camera, action and final cut!

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