Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Row, row, row your boat

From the 23 to 30 March, the Sydney International Rowing Regatta (SIRR) boasts the self claimed title of ‘world rowing down-under’ event.  For a whole week, you can cheer on the Australian Open Rowing Championships, School Rowing Championships, King’s & Queen’s Cup Interstate Regatta and the World Rowing Cup 1.

Only starting a year ago, it attracted over 1800 Australian and 250+ international rowers over a walloping 110 events. Kudos is due to the organizers since this SIRR was the largest national rowing championship ever hosted. In addition, it’s the largest regatta held at Sydney International Rowing Club since the 2000 Olympics, hosted in this city. That’s enough to make your arms and legs turn to jelly, right?
The entries for the competitions have now closed but if you’re a local or visiting this sensational city during the SIRR week, you can volunteer to help out and see the event first hand. It’s a fantastic way to cheer on the teams who have trained so hard, while experiencing a new way to see the city at its finest.
The International Regatta Center venue is a one hour drive west from Cremorne Point Manor or you can shuffle yourself on the train and just under two hours of watching the local scenery, you’ll arrive ready to give your support as a spectator.
Obviously the warm-up and competition lakes are being utilized by the athletes but if you’re feeling extra sporty and want to really get in on the action, you can rent a boat for the days before and after the event.
At $158 for a single season ticket i.e. the full duration, this is a really affordable price, while single tickets are also available in the $14-$18 price bracket. On the topic of ‘affordable,’ once you’ve waved your arms frantically during the races and encouraged your favorite team, in under 60 minutes you can be relaxing at Cremorne Point Manor. Only a short ferry ride to the Harbour yet far away from downtown Sydney hotel prices, you can enjoy a lifetime event and hotel experience without your credit card drowning.

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