Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Want to Ride my Bicycle...

From March 22 – April 19, the Sydney Variety Cycle raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity while you get yourself fit and tone up those legs, abs and arms. This annual event starts at Sydney and is designed to attract serious cyclists, passionate amateur fans of two wheels and businesses to raise as much cash as possible for the children’s charity….Variety.
Get ready to go the distance and spend a few days or a week from the get go, or you can really take the helm (or handle bars) and glide along the full 26 day excursion. The route goes from Sydney to Uluru which is a walloping 3800km. Enjoy the city to city cycles, two day cycles, daily cycles or the whole event.
Working alongside schools, hospitals and the general public, supporters can be involved in the large events such as the meet-and-greet with cyclists. Or you can just trundle along with your own group of fundraiser cyclist pals to get healthy and raise a bit of cash for Variety.
So far, the charity’s raised over $370,000 this year which is a really solid amount but if you get involved, maybe as a local or tourist wanting a different kind of adventure, you can sign up to their site and add to the charity pot. Or if your legs are a bit wobbly and your balance is off kilter, the website has links for you to sponsor a cyclist or group of participants…and even your own friends who have signed up.
For all you Sydney based cyclists, the route is listed on this page, starting at Pyrmont Bay Park which is a brilliant location since it’s a short ferry ride to an affordable Sydney hotel, Cremorne Point Manor.
The race starts at 8pm and so you’re good to go for a great day, week or 26 days ahead!

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