Thursday, August 9, 2012


I find it strange, the more expensive the hotel, the more they gouge you for wireless internet. I was out of town recently and stayed in a nameless branded hotel. In addition to no free breakfast, they had the gaul to charge $29.95 for a day of wireless internet.

Also it was slow. This brings me to the Cremorne Manor (obviously) as I've just spent a large amount of money to ensure great FREE wireless coverage for the whole hotel. We did have free wireless but it wasn't quite fast enough or complete enough for my liking. In case you didn't guess I'm quite tech savvy hence I'm always pushing for new technology. i.e. like our fancy NFC doorlocks (for another post).

Anyway it's great, We have high speed wireless for all guests with a simple password and no limits. it's just part of the small things we want to do ensure our guests are happy. Also if you are in house and have comments about the wireless, or anything else for that matter please contact me and tell me. I'll do my best to ensure it's as good or better next time.

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