Wednesday, August 8, 2012

North Sydney Mayoral Campaign

The Cremorne Point manor is obviously in Cremorne, However few people know that it's actually part of North Sydney Council LGA. I don't have a huge amount to do with the council and in the past have found them to be less than supportive of a local family run business, that's been around for 100 years (that story is for another day).

 However a friend is running for Mayor and I not only agree with her policies I think she would make a great Mayor. Her team is smart and has great ideas, So I'm giving her a plug on my blog and if you happen to live in North Sydney and will be voting in the upcoming election (yes it's mandatory) check out Suzanne Clark-Nash and her website. Her team would be a breath of fresh air for North Sydney.

There is also a great facebook page (I should be plugging my own facebook page, I suppose too.)

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