Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Vintage Day on 18 September

If you’re a huge lover of the 50’s and maybe a super fan of collectables, then the annual Campbelltown Vintage Fifties Fair is absolutely the event to mark in your calendar. There are hundreds of stalls selling memorabilia from parasols to old style dial phones (remember those with the spiral cord that needed unraveling every 20 minutes?), to jewellery and antiques.

Keeping the entertainment underway, there will be dance demonstrations and a fabulous fashion parade. From 9.30am to 3.30pm, grab your lace gloves, shawls, hats and those fantastic flowery frocks. If you come dressed in 1940’s or 50’s attire, you can win a best dressed prize.

Maybe you’re into porcelain doll collecting, or vintage music (consider Elvis or Buddy Holly vinyls) or looking to buy some furniture for the home. Possibly an old style kettle, teapot or even way-back compact mirrors? The traders selling at this event are renowned for bringing out their best finds for you to purchase. Seventy years ago it’d have been unheard of for women to try haggle prices with traders but now you can show off your well deserved feminism bargaining skills. Crunch down the price on that hairbrush, break down the cost of that stunning hat and negotiate your way into a low bargain side table.

The more glam you are, the more visually fun the event will be so go all out on the fashionista wardrobe. This fair is a complete eye opener if you’ve never been part of such an era. Not only will a large percentage be decked out to the 50’s nines but take a look at how the fashion models walk, grace us with their presence and glide across the runway. It’s nothing like you see today. There is a different set of style, pzazz and serious glamour in their demeanor and it’s wonderful to watch.

The fair is taking place at The Cube, Campbelltown Catholic Club at Camden Road and it’s about an hour’s drive east from Cremorne Point. Many of the stall traders can ship larger items to your home (note: TBC on international shipping but we’re sure you can work a price out) so if you see a glorious TV or WOW factor radio, imagine returning home from your trip and the memorabilia is patiently waiting for you. Most electronics and appliances should be in working order so it’s not just a case of pretty viewing. That radio could pick up some serious signals and how about watching Netflix on your 50’s style television?

Remember to tweet Cremorne Point Manor while you’re there and send us pics of your purchases so we can retweet and post on our Facebook page. We’re massive fans of old school, which is apt since we’re one of Sydney’s oldest hotels. Now that’s vintage…and then some. 

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