Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

If your body needs a booster of Qi and those meridians are crying out to be realigned, then the Sydney Olympic Park is where you need to be between 26 - 29 May. The country’s most popular and largest energy healing event is taking place and with more than 200 exhibitors, you chakras will be revived once more.
The event is free so all you need to do is head to the MindBodySpirit Festival 2016 website and register for the Sydney expo. There will be free stage performances, meditation sessions (ommmm) and incredible, healthy foods for sampling and purchasing. Maybe you want to book a psychic reading and discover your life path foundation was set before you were born, or know more about what the future holds in health, career and cash. Possibly you’d prefer to let nature take its course and enjoy a body massage pampering instead. From 10am to 7pm each day (aside Saturday, ending 6pm), the Park is your energy boosting playground.

Mosey around the grounds to see what’s new in the spiritual guidance, health and lifestyle arena from trying out yoga leggings, to Namaste accessories or energizing crystals. Possibly herbal drink fixes featuring lemongrass, ginger and cayenne will be the booster injection your body is craving. Ever tried cucumber sunscreen? Aroma Magic at Stand E26 is a destination you may want to check out. 

If you’re feeling that lady luck is on your side, the Festival is offering freebie win draws. These include a private medium reading with Mitchell Coombes (valued $625) and $500 worth of Chakra balancing jewellery. This is the time to visualize those citrine spheres, sage smudging the home and connecting with your inner soul through meditation music.

Take into account that the Performance Stage is a first-in-line basis for seats so you can’t pre-book these. The Festival organizers suggest you arrive 10 minutes prior to each performance so you’re Anahata (heart) chakra isn’t broken from disappointment. You don’t want to miss out on Tibetian Chanting, Connecting with Angels or Sacred World Music, do you?

The Park is only 30 minutes drive from Cremorne Point so with eyes sparking, a renewal of energy in your core and surrounded by white lights, take a breather at Cremorne Point Manor. Place a small crystal in each palm, sit back on our balcony and enjoy the Harbour skyline. Blue is the most inspiring colour and with our views offering this in abundance, you’ll be aligning all 114 chakras by the time your third eye starts to open.  

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