Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Giddy Up Early 2016

Before we start on this new post, we had to show off a tad. We’ve been featured twice now in The Australian and with this second article, we’re validated as the best holiday hideaway in NSW. What a way to end a fantastic year!
Moving swiftly on to this blog post, the New Year is bound to include a few glasses of champagne and followed by a few hours of a New Year’s Day hangover. By the 2nd January, you should be right as rain and may want to say hello to a few Dobbins or Bessie Bulls. If so, the Picton Rodeo at Menangle Street, Picton is hosting their annual ye-ha event and it’s worth checking out.

With the first performance at 12pm and the second a couple of hours later, you can cheer on the best cowgirls and cowboys the country has to boast about. Alongside 10 hours of live wild rodeo action, try your hand at the mechanical bull ride or stand back and cheer on the multitude of events back to back. These range from the Poddy Ride to Junior Steer Ride, Open Bull Ride and Open Saddle Bronc. If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Texas but short on cash, then this is a close second. If you’re visiting from the US and bull rides are your vice, then you can see how the crew down under fares against your experiences in North America’s Wild West.

There will be BBQ’s galore, a flurry of food stalls, Big Al Comedy Clown for kids and adults (who aren’t freaked out by huge shoes and red noses) and even western clothing stalls. So if you forgot to buy a holiday gift for someone, this is your time to pick up something original as a belated present.

If you have know how in the rodeo scene and want to compete, there is an entry fee of $4.50 per senior and $2.20 per junior but the money is refunded when paying entries to compete. These entries range from $121 down to $9.15 depending on which race you’ll undertake. The winning prizes amount to a collective $1500 so if you win the Open Bull Ride, you’ll be taking home $1200. If you’re in the Junior Breakaway Roping, you could leave with $100 in prize moolah.

At only a 90 minute drive south from Cremorne Point, or possibly two hours if you saddle up your own stallion (of which we highly advise you don’t, as you’ll need to be heading down on a major freeway/motorway), you can enjoy the full day entertainment and then head back to Cremorne Point Manor. Dust off those chaps, tip your Stetson, grab a beer and watch the sunset from our hotel overlooking the Harbour. Even John Wayne took a break between Western movies so you deserve one also.

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