Tuesday, August 11, 2015

All Aboard Dragons Abreast in October

If you’re heading to Sydney or will be in the area on the 24th October, make sure you’re free from 8am – 3pm at Darling Harbour. On this glorious weather (we hope) day, the annual Dragons Abreast Australia Dragon Boat Festival takes place. Yes, this title is hefty but nowhere near as big as their objective as a fundraiser for raising breast cancer awareness.
With dragon boat racing as the main attraction, participators include Dragons Abreast Australia charity organization and a fluffy of hospitals, medical corporations...and hopefully you. All you need to do between now and October is find friends, rally a crew together (min 16 – max 26) and take part in the fastest growing water sport charity fundraiser. 
Something to warm your cockles while you get ready for Cockle Bay on this fundraiser Saturday is that $22+k has been raised so far for awareness. Since registration is now open, this is the time to pull together a crew for the race. Maybe you’re visiting Sydney on business – then team together your clients and colleagues as part of the race. If you’ve bouncing over to NSW on a social trip, post on their Dragons Abreast Festival Facebook page you’re heading to the city and want to team with locals. Alternatively, you can join an existing team that’s registered on the website. Go to the team registration page, register and you will be provided a sure bet team to rally with. 

Since the minimum donation is $50 AUD, not only will you be supporting an incredibly important charity but you’ll also gain that upper body strength that all things water sports guarantee.

Various ways to fundraise include socially promoting your dedicated url page and remember to use this hashtag #daaconvention when you tweet.  Alternatively, set up a swear box at home, the local bar or at work and see the money roll in at the speed of light.  If you’re more civilized, then host a pot luck game night party. Everyone brings a board game and a dish/side dish and if you lose any game, you must donate $20 to the charity fund.

Since Cremorne Point Manor is a short ferry ride from Darling Harbour, what better way to wind down after boating all day, than being ‘chauffeur’ driven back to our boutique hotel.  You can have a glass of vino and recap the day’s activities, while you overlook the Harbour. The views are stunning and if you need validation, check our short home page video and then throw a like to our Facebook page.

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