Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Are You Ready for Mardi Gras?

From the 20th February to 8th March, Sydney is going Mardi Gras crazy…crazy we tell you! The full festival runs over a long duration so we’re pulling out the best parts for you to mark in your calendars, giving you time to dust off that rainbow head dress and buy a crate of body glitter.

With over 80,000 locals and tourists hitting Victoria Park from 10am – 8pm on the 22nd February for Fair Day, proof is in the pudding that the LGBTQ community will bring insane colour and entertainment with swagger and a hippy, hippy shake.

If you’re into dodgems, drag or Pad Thai, this is the place to be and remember to bring along your kids. There are gallons of rides, market stalls and live music on the stage. All dog owners, also bring your four legged pooch and maybe enter them in the Doggy/Wood show. But don’t just stick a tiara on their head and expect to win. The competition is really tough and some pet owners will go all out on with feathers, full costume, false eyelashes and platform shoes on their Labradoodle. It's worth seeing to believing!

Lets hop over to the 7th March for the Sydney Mardi Gras Parade at Oxford Street and Flinders Street. Now in its 37th year, this freebie evening (7.30 - 10.30pm) event brings together hundreds of thousands of cheerer on’ners from around the globe. With around 10,000 fabulous glam queens, kings and the in-betweeners on the parade, expect to wear your sunglasses as it’s going to be dazzling. If you prefer to not be part of the crowd but looking for a good sitting spot, you can take a perch at the Parade Slideshow or Diamond Club. With over 2,000 volunteers at the Parade, they’re more than ready to help you with questions during the evening. 

Along with a trundle of fabulous dahling parties throughout the duration, it’s worth checking out the Sydney Mardi Gras festival line up This includes Photographic Exhibition at Surry Hills Library to Gaybies at Eternity Playhouse to Inside/Out installation at Pine Street Creative Arts Center and the Rainbow Run in Sydney Park.  There are dozens of events that not only show you the fun side of the LGBTQ community but also the upheavals they’ve undertaken from society pressure to HIV, global acceptance and freedom of expression.

While you’re in town visiting the festival and taking in the scene, remember to also check out Cremorne Point Manor’s incredible and inspiring views of downtown Sydney. Only a short ferry ride to the Opera House, you can swing those feather boas in the summer breeze to and from the Manor to the main festival hub. Then after a long day and night of bantering about rainbows, head back to the hotel for a wind down. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear the lions roar LGBTQ loud & proud at nearby Taronga Zoo during the evening.

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