Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Clean up for 2015 Facilities Event

There’s nothing more productive than planning ahead, right? So if you have the Total Facilities Expo in your diary or calendar for 25-26 March 2015, then you need to start working on the fine print details.

The only dedicated industry event in Australia, this is where you can truly showcase and create a strong brand presence if you’re in the building, cleaning and facilities industry. With over 65 product categories including maintenance, software + tech and energy management (to name but a few), next year’s expo focus is on education and professional development.
Bringing experience and know-how from trusted brands by the creators of AWRE, Security Exhibition & Conference, DesignBUILD and designEX, these heavy weights will provide inspirational platforms to help small businesses attending and exhibiting.
If you want to know the real bells and whistles of data, here’s the information: 200+ exhibitors; two days of seminars, education, presentation and key notes; over 2400 visitors, 65%+ exhibitors that generate lead values at more than $26 million. In addition, the event website claims and boasts an impressive 94% of visitors recommend this expo to their colleagues.

(the cleanest expo booth, we just had to use!)

The website includes the full exhibition requirements and forms for you to submit. Also keep in mind the technology and facilities criteria that the organizers provide, if you’re looking to host a booth. Any additional requirements you have, make sure you submit these early to avoid tech mishaps and installations being incorrect sizes.  The floor plan (at the time of this blog post) isn’t available so request this through the email form. It’s all about location, location, location. The last thing you want is to be hidden away in a corner so try request a position near the bathrooms (toilets), food areas and exits. This way, you’re guaranteed great foot traffic.
A final tip:  Ask the expo organizers if you can mail all your promotional materials, business cards and display visuals to be delivered directly to your booth. This way, you’re not carrying a huge amount of luggage (with extra travel fees) and can call the expo a day or so beforehand to confirm delivery.
Finally, since the expo is so close in proximity to a Sydney affordable boutique hotel, check Cremorne Point Manor’s rates to book early for your expo stay. We have many business travelers stay with us, regularly so you'll be in good company and you won't melt your corporate credit card. With a maximum 20 minute drive between both destinations, you can be assured that you’re not spending all your time traveling, as we all know expos will have you on your feet for a good 16 hours a day, each day. At the Manor, it’s our job to make sure you have your feet up in a lounge chair or on a bed, overlooking the Harbour skyline. Check our home page video for a preview…of the view. No wonder Tripadvisor gave the Manor a 4th consecutive year Certificate of Excellence award.

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