Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wanna Be In My Gang, My Gang, My Gang?

Well you wish can come true… if you’re aged 11-26 years old and live in North Sydney!  The Hornsby Gang Show is the coolest, most creative annual event in the city where this age range auditions every February to be in the Gang to perform a series of shows. The other stipulation is that they are active local Scout and Guide members and the production includes 150 volunteers who get their prepping act together so everyone’s ready for the 27 June - 5 July shows.

These volunteers hang banners, organize costumes, create the show sets and if you’re a local friend or family of the cast, then volunteer away.
Each year, the Gang creates a completely new show from scratch. This includes forming the original idea of the sketches, the writing, design and production along with rehearsals. Bonding these Gang members over the months leading to the show creates amazing hype in the Sydney area. They’ll meet every two weeks for months and brainstorm ideas, formulate the ideal music to compliment their show and once this is finalized, they’ll start assembling the cast and crew.
The production crew, choreography, singing and acting team then rally together with the orchestra so their extravaganza is rehearsed to a fine art, just in time for you to attend the shows.
Starting out in 1973 as a small concert, they now have progressively accumulated 90 cast members for shows in the past 41 years as popularity has risen. The original concept of the show dates back to the London Gang Show in 1932 by Ralph Reader  who’s produced over 19 Broadway, 34 London West End and 50 Royal Albert Hall performances.
Some of the shows are staged around Australia, inspired by the core Sydney team which has turned into a scouting tradition, worldwide.
There are eight total shows in Sydney this year so if you’re in the area, you can potter down to the Asquith Boy’s High School Theater, Asquith and hope to get a ticket at the door, or go to their booking website and secure your seat. Tickets range from $10.70AUD for kids to family packs (4 people) at $53.80 or individual adult tickets at $20.70 and concessions (students, seniors and disabled) at $15.70.
The show venue is only 30 minutes North West by car from an affordable Sydney hotel. Also remember that Cremorne Point Manor’s just received its FOURTH CONSECUTIVE Certificate of Excellence Award by TripAdvisor. Take a look at our new hotel tour on our website home page… it’s a brilliant performance in itself!

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