Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Get Surfing for the Awards, Sydney

If you have a huge romance brewing 13th February brewing, don’t presume we’re mentioning Valentine’s Day incorrectly. It’s the Australian Surfing Awards and this annual event is a huge extravaganza in Sydney that surfers love.

Commencing in 1985 by the Australian Surfriders Association (now called Surfing Australia), the awards honor the greatest achievers each year. Incorporated into the Hall of Fame, the surfers who have made the most significant contribution to this fantastic industry and sport are given the honors.

So if you’re a boogie boarder and only hit the surf twice a month, then you’re out of luck. But on the plus side, the Award recognizes the broad spectrum of individuals and organizations in a variety of categories. It doesn’t mean that you’re potentially in the running if you dabble your feet in the sea. It does though, honor all the individuals from event planning, media, travel, new initiatives and all things related to the sport.

Maybe you’ve taken incredible photos of surfers while the battle the waves? Or you’re a business that’s greatly supported the industry over the past year? All those movers, shakers and wet suit participants that truly have changed surfing, are recognized.

The Harbour will be buzzing around this time of the year, as thousands gather to see everyday surfers in action, while the adrenaline heats up in the city. Looking for affordable accommodation in Sydney? Then Cremorne Point Manor is the best resting spot, especially since it overlooks the Harbour so you have prime viewing of local and international surfers, before and after they celebrate the awards and ride the biggest wave of the year!

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