Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentines on a Budget in Sydney

With Valentine’s Day looming in a few weeks, there are some incredibly romantic and schmoozy things to do in Sydney.  Obviously a romantic hotel staycation is on the cards for locals and tourists alike. If you’re a local reading this blog post, instead of going out for a fancy dinner and balking at the credit card statement next month, buy some champagne and snacks and keep within your budget. You can go for an uber romantic walk around Sydney, then grab a ferry ride to Cremorne Point while you oogle over the city skyline for a few minutes. Head to Cremorne Point Manor and check yourselves in.

Then with champagne and snacks in tow, you’ll have a wonderfully romantic evening at the Manor and simply ferry ride back to the Harbour the next day. Simple, easy and oh so budget-friendly.

While you’re pottering around the city before your hotel stay, there are a few sights near the Harbour that you can take a spin towards.

You’ll see plenty of sailboats around the Harbour area along with a flurry of kayaks, swimmers and divers. Yes, there are divers at the Harbour!

The National Park includes most of the harbour islands including Fort Denison, Shark, Clark, Rodd, Goat and Cockatoo. Laughing at names aside, these islands have fantastic historical and cultural significances. Some of them are associated with Aboriginal history and others represent old Europe with forts and convict built structures.

Oh, and if you’re in the mood to see a few animals before or after your stay at Cremorne, pop over to Taronga Zoo. If you’re lucky, you’ll maybe hear the lions roar from your hotel room. True to a fact, the zoo is so close to the Manor that guests have many stories about hearing a multitude of squawks, roars and other noises that animals are famous for making (the mind boggles).

Get your romantic groove on and remember to book your hotel room early.


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