Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Down Cremorne Point Memory Lane

Located just an 8 minute ferry ride from Sydney Harbour, Cremorne Point has so much history that we just couldn’t wait to share this with you. As a harbourside suburb on the lower North Shore of the city, Cremorne Point is snugly situated between Mosman Bay and Shell Cove and overlooks the stunning Sydney skyline.

It was originally named after the Cremorne Gardens, London that originates back to the words meaning ‘chieftain’ and ‘boundary.’ James Milson Jnr (1814-1903) owned most of the land nearby at Milsons Point and over the years, he expanded the family land mass in the lower North Shore. At this point in 1853, he purchased Cremorne peninsula to build residential homes in the late 19th and early 20th Century.  As the courts stopped him from selling building blocks, the residential area grew right to the water’s edge alongside a public, waterfront park.

With around 2,000 residents in Cremorne Point, a staggering 60.7% of these residents were born in Australia alongside 8.4% from England and the rest combined from South Africa and the United States.  These included single homes, flats or apartments.

So where does Cremorne Point Manor fit into this story? This 4 star boutique hotel was established in a 19th century federation style 2 storey building on Cremorne Road. As a heritage building, it was once a guest house called Redcourt. Overlooking the harbour and Mosman Bay, it was once restored and modernized by the original style remains intact.

Built in the late 1880’s, when a rare coal seam was discovered in Cremorne, the original plan was to mine the seam but thankfully, the locals opposed this. As a result, Cremorne has held standing for decades and about 50 years as a guest house.

So there’s the story of Cremorne Point and the stunning Manor that has kept its antiquity and quaint charisma, while attracting thousands of guests each year. As a short journey away from the Sydney attractions, guests love staying at Cremorne Point Manor, especially for major festivals and New Year’s Eve where the firework display from the Point is exceptional.

For your next Sydney hotel stay at Cremorne Point Manor, think about the land you’re enjoying and the abundance of history that has made this area so incredibly popular for locals and tourists.

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