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Cremorne Point Manor: Best Boutique Hotel Sydney

Cremorne Point Manor: Best Boutique Hotel Sydney

Visiting Australia is one of the most unforgettable experiences you’ll have. From its sceneries, tourist spots, up to your leisure hotels to stay on, you’ll surely decide to visit this country again and again. Australia is best known not only on its tourist spots but also on its hotel accommodations, one of which is the Boutique Hotel Sydney. Sydney, Australia consists of many hotels that are particularly high-class, provides relaxing and rejuvenating environment, and the greatest hotel services one could ever find. Sydney has many hotels to be proud of and offer to people, one of which is the best Cremorne Point Manor. This Boutique Hotel Sydney is considered best among the Boutique hotels in Sydney. To give an overview to this Boutique hotel, this article would present Cremorne Point Manor and its best features.

Cremorne Point Manor: The Boutique Hotel Sydney’s Brief History

Before Cremorne Point became a well-known Boutique Hotel Sydney, this guest house had undergone several changes and developments since its establishment. Cremorne Point was first inhabited by people called Cammeraygal Aboriginals. This area was first named as Wul-Warra-Jeung. After such name, is the Careening Point title given by people due to the difficulty in transportation in the point. In 1830, James Robertson was granted the land.

Cremorne Point Manor: The Boutique Hotel Sydney’s Exact Location

Cremorne Point Manor is located exactly on the North Shore of Sydney Harbour. At the peak of Cremorne Point, you would be able to see Kurraba Point, Kirribilli and Shellcove Bay in West, Sydney City, Woolloomooloo and Pinchgut Island in South, and Double Bay and Watsons Bay in East. By these given location specifics, you can already visualize how perfect the scenery is in Cremorne Point Manor.

Cremorne Point Manor: The Boutique Hotel Sydney’s Greatest Spots

Cremorne Point Manor is not just the most stylish Boutique Hotel Sydney that you could find. You’ll never know how perfect this Manor is inside. Actually, inside the said hotel is the most loved Lex and Ruby Graham Gardens which was maintained since 1957. This garden was actually renowned as Most Beautiful Open Maintained by Residents awarded by Spring Awards. Also, this Boutique Hotel Sydney is actually known for its quiet and leafy location, which is particularly characterized by the highly ornamental gardens and bush land.

Cremorne Point Manor: The Boutique Hotel Sydney’s Perfect Accomodation

Cremorne Point Manor is offering best hospitality services to every visitor, and these include their well-maintained facilities such as public toilets, picnic areas, children’s playground, MacCallum Pool, lookout, and its gardens. Also wifi is available in the whole hotel, giving more people convenience and extra leisure activity in their stay. In addition to these are the air conditioned rooms, LCD TVs, FREE DVD library, and DVD players available in every room. These just made people more comfortable and relaxed on their stay at the hotel. Cremorne Point Manor is undoubtedly best in its hotel services by giving people the best, relaxing, fulfilling, and unforgettable vacation experience to people. 

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